Toothpaste pods brush away waste

Few people would look at toothpaste tubes as being in need of improvement, until, perhaps, they realize how long they take to decompose and how many get thrown away. Poppits toothpaste, however, doesn't come in a tube, but in waste-free pods that dissolve in the mouth.Read More


Paper waste converted into eco-friendly aerogel

Known as "frozen smoke" because of their milky translucent appearance, aerogels are among the world's lightest solid materials. Consisting of 99.8 percent air, they're highly heat-resistant and are an excellent form of insulation. Now, scientists at the National University of Singapore (NUS) have used paper waste to create one.Read More


Urine-powered socks get transmissions flowing

Peeing in one's socks may not be everyone's first choice for powering their mobile devices, but apparently it could be an option. A team of researchers from the Bristol BioEnergy Centre at the University of the West of England is experimenting with a pair of socks that use urine to generate electricity via miniaturized microbial fuel cells. Results have already started to trickle in, with the system used to run a transmitter to send wireless signals to a desktop computer.Read More

Around The Home

Backyard biogas converter turns household food scraps into cooking gas

An Israeli startup is planning to help families everywhere turn their food scraps into cooking gas. HomeBioGas Ltd has just launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring a compact biogas converter to urban and rural areas in developed countries, and to underserved communities in developing countries. According to the company, the HomeBiogas system can turn kitchen leftovers and livestock manure into natural liquid fertilizer and clean gas for cooking, lighting and water heating.
Read More

Jekies Glovebag simplifies pooch poop pickup

Anyone who owns a dog knows that picking up after it isn't the high point of pet ownership. This unholy alliance of dog and doo has led many an inventor to seek an alternative to the standard plastic bag. The Jekies Glovebag is one that could make getting rid of your dog’s number two a bit easier.Read More


Volvo's robots will quietly pick up and empty your garbage bin

Volvo has announced a collaboration with companies and universities in Sweden and the US on ROAR (Robot-based Autonomous Refuse handling). The project aims to build robots that will assist garbage truck operators by doing all the heavy lifting for them, picking up and emptying refuse bins autonomously (under the driver's supervision) and as quietly as possible.Read More


Slaughterhouse waste could be made into yarn

Ever since the late 19th century, people have experimented with making textiles from natural-source-based gelatine, as a cheaper and less allergenic alternative to wool. Although the emergence of synthetic fibers largely put an end to that, a new technique may yet allow gel-based yarn to see the spotlight. The fiber is said to have an insulation quality similar to that of Merino wool, and the collagen used to produce it can be obtained from waste at animal-processing facilities.Read More


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