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Vodafone Foundation unveils a backpack with a mobile network inside

By - February 28, 2014 3 Pictures
Mobile phone networks are a key means of communication when humanitarian efforts need to be coordinated at times of disaster. If infrastructure has been damaged, however, using the existing mobile networks may not be an option. The Vodafone Foundation's Instant Network Mini is a highly portable mobile network in a backpack that can be deployed in just 10 minutes. Read More
— Wearable Electronics

Power Pocket prototype uses body heat to charge a smartphone

By - June 13, 2013 3 Pictures
Vodafone is to trial prototype phone-charging technology at the Isle of Wight festival this weekend. Developed by the University of Southampton's Electronics and Computer Science Department, the Power Pocket exploits the Seebeck effect, exploiting the difference in temperature between the human body and its surroundings to generate an electrical current which can be used to recharge a smartphone. Vodafone has woven the pocket into a sleeping bag (called Recharge) and a pair of shorts (called Power shorts) to test the technology. Read More
— Mobile Technology

Booster Brolly: The solar-powered, signal-boosting umbrella

By - June 15, 2012 1 Picture
To really get the most out of the summer you have to head out of the city and into the country. Whether it be for a camping trip or a festival outing, the great outdoors is the best venue for sunnier days. Unfortunately rain can ruin a great day, as can a lack of mobile reception and the inability the charge your mobile phone. Vodafone thinks it has the answer to all three of these problems with the Booster Brolly, a humble umbrella turned all-in-one tool. Read More
— Mobile Technology

Microsoft KIN smartphone targets social networking

By - April 13, 2010 11 Pictures
Microsoft says its new KIN Windows phone has been designed specifically for people who are actively navigating their social lives – and let’s face it, who isn’t? The software giant has partnered with Verizon Wireless, Vodafone and Sharp to deliver the product exclusively to the US (Verizon Wireless), Germany, Italy, Spain the UK (Vodafone). KIN melds a handset, online services and the PC with new experiences called the Loop, Spot and Studio. There are two models – KIN ONE and KINE TWO, both with touch screens and slide out keyboards. Read More
— Automotive

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes F1 Launch

By - January 15, 2007 22 Pictures
January 16, 2007 The launch of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes team was predictably huge – with Vodafone is joining as Title Sponsor and Official Mobile Partner, the event took on gargantuan proportions on a bespoke circuit around the Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias in Spain, coincidentally the homeland of their stellar signing, newly crowned world champ Fernando Alonso. Alonso and new teammate Lewis Hamilton form one of the youngest driver line-ups in the history of the sport and Hamilton in particular must have wondered just how big F1 would be when the pair unveiled the new livery in two MP4-21 race cars in front of a crowd of more than 150,000. This was followed by the unveiling of the 2007 car, the MP4-22. Tomorrow, the 2007 challengers will conduct a shakedown test at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo in Valencia. Vodaphone released three commemorative edition phones for the affair. Read More
— Mobile Technology

Nokia, Philips, Universal and Vodafone converge

By - June 4, 2004 0 Pictures
Several of the world's most innovative companies in their fields have joined together in a project which promises the next level of portable entertainment. The group has each brought specific expertise to the project which will explore the potential applications for broadcast-enabled mobile phones and other portable devices in the car, in the home - anywhere which might benefit from wireless transmission. Read More

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