Video road test: Kawasaki's supercharged Ninja H2

In the latest of our video road tests, Kawasaki USA turns Loz loose on the extraordinary Ninja H2. It's the only current mass-market production motorcycle with forced induction – thanks to its chirping, tweeting, custom designed supercharger – and rather than posting killer lap times, it's designed purely to be the paragon of utter excess on the road. So if you've got the guts to twist that throttle to the stop and let the boost build up, you'd better be ready to boogie. Enjoy the video after the jump!Read More

Digital Cameras

Canon focuses on budding videographers with the EOS 80D

Canon has announced the EOS 80D (its follow-up to the 70D), another videographer-pleasing DSLR which looks set to deliver the goods whether it's shooting stills or video that does it for you. With a new 45-point autofocus system, improved Dual Pixel CMOS AF, and built in Wi-Fi, the EOS 80D looks a solid upgrade, and one which could have the Nikon D7200 looking nervously over its shoulder.Read More


Atlas robot told to clean its room

If the current batch of robot vacuum cleaners don't seem Jetsony enough, then the Florida Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC) Robotics lab may have something that fits the bill – an Atlas robot pottering about the lab with a Hoover. While the scenario may not provide an accurate picture of the domestic help of tomorrow, it does show what you can do when you've got a very expensive state-of-the-art humanoid automaton going spare.Read More

Digital Cameras

Sony has a new easy to use action camera

Sony has added a new mid-level action camera to its line-up which is designed to make recording your everyday adventures easier, while still boasting high-quality Full HD video and SteadyShot stabilization. Also announced is a new Handycam camcorder which packs pro-level features and 4K video, but comes in at a consumer-focused price.Read More


Vuze flying saucer camera shoots 3D VR footage

Shooting 3D VR footage can be expensive and difficult. However, the Vuze camera from HumanEyes Technologies could make it more accessible thanks to a sub US$1,000 price tag and an easy-to-use design. The flying saucer-shaped device uses eight cameras dotted around its circumference, and comes with tools needed to help produce, edit and enjoy your VR creations.Read More


3D animation tech puts other peoples' words in celebrities' mouths

Researchers at the University of Washington (UW) recently demonstrated how 3D video images of Tom Hanks, Daniel Craig and several other celebrities could be created by piecing together still images and sound bites retrieved from the internet. They also showed how their algorithms could animate those digital models, getting them to say things that were actually said by someone else. Read More


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