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— Digital Cameras

JVC's latest camcorders can take a beating, survive harsh weather

By - June 25, 2015 9 Pictures

Last year JVC gave its Everio camcorders a rugged makeover, with the GZ-R10 and GZ-R70 models getting the same sort of protection as its ADIXXION actioncam. Now the firm has updated its tough camcorder offering with the new Quad Proof Everio GZ-R450 and GZ-R320, which boast improved battery life and performance, while still being dust-proof, water-proof, drop-proof and freeze-proof.

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— Architecture

State of the Game: The world's tallest buildings, now and in 2020

By - June 23, 2015 25 Pictures

Like so many of humanity's greatest accomplishments, there's very little practicality behind the world's tallest buildings. They tower over their surrounding cities as gigantic monuments to human engineering brilliance, their mind-bending heights seemingly in blatant defiance of physics. Of course, they're also the ultimate status symbol for those that go beyond mega-rich – all of these buildings could be viewed as billion-dollar phallic vanity projects, and in that regard it's interesting to note that by 2020, all the top five tallest buildings in the world will be located in status-hungry China and the ostentatious, oil-rich Middle East. Enjoy our short video presentation after the jump.

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— Automotive

Samsung creates "transparent" truck

By - June 22, 2015 1 Picture
When driving behind big semi-trailers, people regularly take risks overtaking them because they often have to first move out from behind the truck to see if the road ahead is clear before passing. This is particularly dangerous on single-lane highways because such a maneuver can mean driving into the path of oncoming traffic. Now Samsung Electronics has come up with a way to help reduce this problem by mounting cameras on the front of a truck and large screens on the rear to display to following drivers a clear view of the road ahead. Read More
— Space

UrtheCast releases first Ultra-HD full-color video content from the International Space Station

By - June 17, 2015 4 Pictures

Today, Canadian company UrtheCast is celebrating the release of three full-color videos shot from its Ultra HD Iris imaging device, mounted on the exterior of the International Space Station (ISS). The videos are but a small taste of the high-quality, near-live streams that the company is planning to make available to the world with the full launch of the UrtheCast Earth-viewing platform.

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— Motorcycles Review

Video: Gizmag rides the terrifying KTM 1290 Super Duke R

By - June 15, 2015 6 Pictures

Motorcycles can be a fun, cheap and easy way to get around. They can also be bowel-loosening widowmakers with absurd levels of performance for family-car dollars. The KTM 1290 Super Duke R falls into the second category. It's a road-focused hooligan machine with a giant 1301cc engine, 180-odd horsepower and 144 Newton-metres of torque. Twist the throttle in fourth gear and it will hoist you up to well over double the national speed limit on the back wheel. On paper, this thing is gut-shrinkingly scary, so, for your entertainment, we tasked Loz Blain with riding it for two weeks.

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Falcon 9 footage shows spectacular spacefall

SpaceX has released stunning footage from a GoPro camera tumbling back to Earth following a recent Falcon 9 launch. The device, fitted in a section of composite fairing that separated from the launch vehicle soon after lift-off, recorded breathtaking views of our planet.

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— Motorcycles Review

Video road test: Benelli BN302 delivers the Italian experience at a budget price

By - May 6, 2015 23 Pictures

Benelli's new Chinese ownership group QianJiang knows a thing or two about manufacturing. It makes more than 1.5 million bikes a year and this production muscle has enabled Benelli to put together an entry-level machine that delivers impressive specs and great looks at a price that undercuts even the Japanese competition. A 300cc parallel twin with twin disc brakes and adjustable suspension, the Benelli BN302 should make a nice "exotic" alternative for new riders.

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