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Highlights from SXSW Interactive 2016

Now in its 30th year, the South By Southwest Interactive Festival fills the city of Austin Texas with all manner of gizmos, gadgets, exhibits, experiences, showcases and yes – traffic jams and epic lines. During the past week the town was an epicenter for all things tech, tackling complicated issues like privacy and gender equality in the digital space, and highlighting the more frivolous side of the equation with rock-paper-scissors-playing robots and giant Ferris wheels. Naturally, Gizmag was on hand to soak it all up. Here's a look at some of the highlights.Read More

Sky Q's "Fluid Viewing" puts TV anywhere, any time

European TV giant Sky has launched the next generation of its home entertainment system in the UK and Ireland. Sky Q is aimed at providing a seamless viewing experience: like similar offerings from US providers Dish and DirecTV, Sky's version of the modern TV ecosystem lets users watch shows on different TVs and devices, pause and resume in different rooms and save recordings onto tablets.Read More

Home Entertainment

Electric Jukebox turns a TV into a streaming music machine

Though many of us watch music videos or listen to digital radio via the living room TV, it's probably not the first home entertainment device that springs to mind when considering music streaming. That's usually the domain of wireless speakers, smartphone apps and services like Spotify or Pandora. But premium service signups and associated costly tariffs, yet more logon details and passwords to remember, and regular app updates across different mobile platforms can be something of a turn off for many music lovers. London-based Electric Jukebox Company is now offering a less complicated way, one that's aimed at changing the way music is played at home forever by leveraging the goggle box as an audio entertainment hub for the family.Read More


Roll Play is a multi-camera quiz show – shot from a bike

It's now pretty common for people to use an actioncam to record their bicycle trips. Some people even wear one, with another mounted somewhere on their bike. What isn't so common, however, is to see someone cycling with up to nine cameras going at once. That's just what Emmy-award winning producer Rich Collier does on a regular basis, however, in the production of his Roll Play TV quiz show.Read More


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