Trisak – a bum bag for your tripod

Trisak is a simple invention but a nice one – it's a little bum bag for your tripod that hangs off the tripod legs. Big enough to hold a lens, a second camera or a big coffee, it also collapses so you don't ever have to take it off your sticks.Read More

Digital Cameras

SoloShot2 wants to be your robo-cameraperson

A couple of years ago, we first heard about the SoloShot. It's a robotic device that sits between a video camera and a tripod, automatically panning the camera to keep the surfing, skiing, etc subject centered in the shot. The idea is that you can get video of yourself doin' your thing, without calling upon someone else to act as a videographer. The SoloShot2 takes things a step further, most notably by also tilting the camera. Read More

Mobile Technology

ChargeDrive brings charger cable, flash drive, tripod, and stand to one accessory

Part of owning a smartphone is purchasing accessories that go along with it. We need chargers, cases, and other devices to really complete the experience. A trend you can't help but notice in the mobile space is accessories that perform multiple functions, with the aim of cutting down on the amount of stuff we need to carry. ChargeDrive for iPhone and Android phones is one such device, pulling quadruple duty as a charger, tripod, stand and thumb drive. Read More


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