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The Stem Glass Tray holds eight wine glasses in balanced formation and has a hole for your...

From the category of “why didn’t I think of that?” comes the stem glass tray – a clever item for waiters (and heavy drinkers) that makes carrying up to eight wine glasses so much easier. It’s basically a tray with little holes in which you place the wine glass stems and a ninth hole for your thumb.  Read More

Quicksnap - a better ice block tray

January 22, 2009 One of the finalists in the recent Toyota IQ-sponsored Royal College of the Arts design contest was this simple but effective ice cube tray. Graeme Davies invented Quicksnap so that single ice cubes can be popped out without the normal problems associated with twisting an ice tray. With those who know their way around the kitchen increasingly freezing fruit pulps, curry paste and other sauces that take a lot of time to make, Davies’ invention will be welcomed when it hits the market later this year.  Read More

Reusable fold-up drink tray

July 19, 2005 This simple invention looks set to destroy one of the traditional global rites of passage – learning to carry four or more alcoholic beverages at the same time as learning about the effects of drinking alcohol. This ingenious device is the brainchild of Sydnesider John Braams, who was tired of carrying drinks back to his mates in flimsy cardboard trays. Says John, “the cardboard trays we all know and hate are poorly designed – they are unstable because the centre of gravity is above the carrier. Also, when wet, which often happens when you’re using them to carry beverages, they quickly deteriorate and can fall apart.” The Skoona Moova is a simple plastic flat fold-away tray that has been designed to make carrying four large glasses easy. Surprisingly, because the tray allows the weight to be balanced evenly, moving heavy drinks is effortless, and there is less spillage as the device is sturdy and won’t collapse. With two Skoona Moovas, you can carry eight drinks, and it’s re-usable, so when you’re finished, you fold it and store it in a pocket or handbag, office drawer or glove box until it’s next needed.  Read More

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