Hypnos hoodie hood pumps up for power naps

We've all been in a position where we want to take a nap but are away from our bed. To make it possible, clothes manufacturer Hypnos has taken the hoodie and given it a pillow. When wearers need some shut-eye, they need only inflate the hood to rest their head.Read More


AirBolt travel lock offers smart features and keyless access

To some, air travel is a carefree jaunt without a single ripple in the experience. But to others, it can feel like rushing through a gauntlet of checklists, lines, and gates, with the potential for impromptu anxiety at any given moment. One company is looking to make the luggage-laden travel process a little bit easier with the AirBolt smart travel lock, which is designed with Bluetooth connectivity and a host of useful functions to keep bags secure and accounted for.Read More

Longboardstroller lets you skateboard with your kid, literally

When you have kids, everything changes. Going for a short walk in the sunshine becomes an epic adventure, and doing anything as exciting as skateboarding is pretty much off the agenda. If only there was a way of combining skateboarding, getting outside in the sunshine for a while, and spending some quality time with your child. It turns out there is, and it's called the Longboardstroller.
Read More

Health & Wellbeing

Motion sickness could be avoided via a zap to the scalp

While many of us may have experienced a bit of queasiness on unusually rough flights or boat trips, some people suffer from extreme motion sickness even under relatively calm conditions. Although medication can help, it also causes side effects such as drowsiness. In a few years, however, there may be a preferable alternative ... which users would stick to their head.Read More


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