Timberleaf teardrop trailer keeps one eye on design

Exploring the great outdoors doesn't mean you can't enjoy high-quality design and fittings. That's the view of Timberleaf, a small company making teardrop trailers out of Denver, Colorado. With an insulated cabin, anodized aluminum exterior and beautifully wrought kitchen, the trailer combines rugged capability with an eye for detail.Read More


Roving tiny house kit caters for DIYers or unhandy buyers

US building supplies firm 84 Lumber has joined the burgeoning small living movement with the launch of a new tiny house range that aims to cater to anyone's skills and budget, from screwdriver-phobes to DIY experts. Its debut model, the Roving, looks a good balance between size, price and amenities, and costs US$19,884 for the Semi-DIY option, which includes a basic shell, doors and trailer.Read More

Tiny Houses

Atlas: Tiny house, big view

Following a vacation that included time spent sheltering from rain in an RV with a lackluster view, Longmont, Colorado-based F9 Productions was inspired to create Atlas. Described as a tiny house/RV hybrid, the solar-powered dwelling boasts generous glazing and a porch that unfolds to offer a semi-outdoor space.Read More


Grillrider rolls a full grill-out by bike or foot

Grilling in the backyard is great, but it can be even better in the scenery of a beautiful park or the company of a pregame tailgate. If you don't plan on driving, however, getting your grill, fuel, food, utensils and other gear there may become so challenging that you call it quits before you ever hear the sizzle of a burger or bratwurst. The Grillrider lets cyclists and walkers roll everything they need for a cookout to the park, tailgate or campground. It's a bike trailer and hand trolley built specifically for grilling, and with its removable modules, it also works as a more general cargo hauler.

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Opus Moto folding camper houses your family and your bike

You want to go camping with the family, but you also want to sneak out and bike a bit of the enticing weave of scenic roads just outside camp. You can do both, and you don't even need a camper van towing a toy trailer or a seven-figure expedition vehicle with a bike lift. The new Opus Moto trailer packs the fold-out comfort of the original Opus together with a trailer-top motorcycle carrier and lift system.Read More

The vertical farm goes mobile

Vertical farms present an efficient, cost-effective and sustainable means of producing food in the face of growing worldwide population. A see-through, mobile vertical farm project called Isabel is aiming to take this message on the road.Read More


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