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— Home Entertainment

Touchjet Wave creates touchscreen tablets from televisions

By - August 11, 2015 4 Pictures

Compact and portable are great attributes for something you always want to have on-hand. But when it comes to home entertainment, bigger tends to be better. And if you're looking for the ultimate tablet experience, soon "going big" and "going home" won't have to be a choice. The Touchjet Wave transforms your home television into a ginormous touchscreen tablet.

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— Mobile Technology

Glovys makes your smartphone friendlier to gloves

By - March 13, 2015 6 Pictures
Anyone who has ever tried using their smartphone while wearing gloves will know it's nigh-on impossible. You therefore have a number of choices: wear fingerless gloves or special touchscreen-friendly gloves, remove your gloves while using the phone, or desist from using your phone entirely when out in the cold. Or thanks to a new product called Glovys, you could fix the problem using technology. Read More
— Electronics

PrintDisplay: DIY displays and touchscreens anyone can print

By - March 7, 2015 5 Pictures
For years now, we've been promised miraculous new flexible touchscreen displays, but the deployment of such technology in big consumer products, like say the LG G Flex, hasn't started any revolutions just yet. That could soon change thanks to a team of computer scientists from Germany's Saarland University who have developed a technique that could allow anyone to literally print their own custom touchscreen displays. Read More
— Automotive

Continental's "infrared curtain" could add multi-touch functionality to cheap cars

By - December 19, 2014 2 Pictures
Although touchscreen controls are appearing in the dashboards of an increasing number of vehicles, they're still not something that one generally associates with economy cars. That may be about to change, however, as Continental has announced an "infrared curtain" system that could allow for inexpensive multi-touch functionality in any automobile. Read More