Turning up the heat on titanium alloy leads to increase in strength

Looking deep inside titanium alloy has allowed researchers at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) to manipulate the alignment of atoms and develop the strongest titanium alloy ever made. They believe the new material could be used in the production of lighter and cheaper vehicle components, and lead to the development of other high strength alloys.
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3D-printed titanium offers new possibilities for bike builders

Road bikes made from a mix of titanium and carbon fiber are already pretty special, and even more so if they're made to order. The folks at Australia's Bastion Cycles, however, are taking things even further. Their recently-announced first model features filament-wound carbon tubes, joined to one another with titanium lugs that are 3D printed to fit the buyer.Read More


Titanium-alloy legs keep disabled cat mobile

When Vincent was found abandoned as a kitten, he had no hind legs below what would be considered his shinbones. But thanks to the kindness of strangers, some titanium implants and the skills of a veterinary orthopedic surgeon, Vincent can now walk on all fours ... albeit not with the grace of a normal feline.Read More

3D Printing Review

CSIRO's Lab 22: Kickstarting a 3D printing revolution in titanium

Australia is wasting billions of dollars of potential value by shipping its world-beating titanium reserves out of the country as raw ore. That's why CSIRO's Lab 22 is making millions of dollars' worth of 3D printing facilities available to Australian businesses in an effort to kick-start a local additive manufacturing revolution that could add billions of dollars' worth of value to the country's raw titanium exports.Read More


Helix bike is claimed to fold smaller than any other

The whole idea behind folding bikes is that they can be made very small and unobtrusive for transit and storage. It would follow, therefore, that the smaller they can be folded down, the better. Well, Toronto's Peter Boutakis claims that his company's Helix bike can fold smaller than any other. It's also got a snazzy lightweight titanium frame.Read More

Around The Home

Roland Iten's Calibre R822 "Predator" – the world's most expensive belt buckle

Roland Iten attacks the problem of holding trousers up with a vigor and ingenuity that has to be seen to be believed. His pieces are as much mechanical jewellery as they are clothing, made with intricate mechanisms, exotic materials and the finely detailed machining of a Swiss watch. Pretty much everything this guy makes will secure a trouser with tactical precision. If you see a man wearing a Roland Iten belt buckle, and his pants are down, that's no accident. You can be damn sure those pants are down for a reason, and you'd better plan your next move accordingly.Read More


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