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TASCAM releases new stereo mic for iDevices

By - November 23, 2011 9 Pictures
With the various aftermarket lenses that have become available for the iPhone recently, it’s easy to forget that the smartphone is capable of recording not only video, but also audio. Should you not want to be limited by its single bottom-mounted condenser mic, however, what choices are there? Well, you can play reporter and get a handheld condenser, or as of this Monday, you can now pick up TASCAM’s iM2 Stereo Microphone for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Read More
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Tascam's new handheld audio recorder features adjustable microphones

By - March 19, 2011 3 Pictures
Handheld portable recorders with XY microphone configurations are great for tight stereo imaging but if you want to capture a wider ambient sound then an AB configuration would probably be better. With the forthcoming release of its DR-07 MkII recorder, both methods are brought to the one device. A host of new and useful features have been added to the update of Tascam's best-selling portable recorder, including overdub and reverb. Read More
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Tascam creates solar-powered guitar tuner

By - October 8, 2010 5 Pictures
When not in use, a guitar tuner is unlikely to see the light of day and is destined to spend much of its life inside a gig bag or hard case. But not giving Tascam's new tuner access to nice, bright sunlight is very bad form indeed. The battery inside the tiny TC-1S is solar charged so if it goes flat, then so do you... Read More
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TASCAM GT-R1 portable guitar recorder

By - August 6, 2008 5 Pictures
So you've nailed that killer riff but the studio is miles away. The latest solution aimed at songwriters in this predicament is TASCAM's GT-R1. The follow-up to the company's DR-1 model, this portable recorder for guitar and bass players features direct plug-in recording along with built-in condenser microphones for capturing rehearsals and live shows and amp simulation and effects. Read More

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