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On the Go: Top gear for business travelers

Business travel in the 21st Century is a whole new ball-game. With the advent of laptops, netbooks and even smaller form factor connected devices like tablets and smartphones, the task of taking your office on the road with you is getting easier, but there's still a compromise between the gear you need to maintain full productivity and the reality of wrestling your way through airport check-in queues. So what are the options? In the first of a three part series that will look at the best of what's new for the mobile technophile, here's our pick of essential accessories tailored to the needs of the mobile business traveler.Read More


Targus laptop chill mat

The Lap Chill Mat from laptop accessory manufacturer Targus not only places an angled comfort barrier between you and your laptop but will also help cool your poor overworked portable computer. Its wedge shape allows for air intake through the sides rather than underneath and its decent size sees it comfortably handle anything from diminutive netbooks to 17 inch gaming monsters.Read More


Targus’ airport friendly zip-thru laptop case

Targus upcoming Zip-Thru laptop case allows travelers to get through security checks without having to remove their laptop from its case by virtue of a The zip-thru case splits down the middle which exposes the laptop and allows security staff to get a clear x-ray image of it without risking damage or theft. It has plenty of room for accessories, files and other devices, is made of durable nylon and features a padded ergonomic shoulder strap.Read More


Cable Lock Attachment protects against keyboard and mouse theft

August 8, 2007 The loss of a keyboard, mouse or any other cable-attached PC device due to theft could be a considerable inconvenience. Not only is there the cost of replacing the item, but when on the road they may not always be easy to replace. That’s where the Targus Cable Lock keyboard and mouse attachment comes in – the small (9 x 4.5 x 3cm) unobtrusive security device is designed to protect cable-attached items and ensure that your PC is stays fully functional.Read More

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Key-ring device pinpoints WiFi hotspots up to 50 metres away

September 19, 2005 With an ever-increasing number of notebook users relying on WiFi connection to the Internet, finding access points has become a major consideration. Targus has come up with a great low-cost answer for this problem with the release of a neat little ‘key-ring’ device that can quickly detect WiFi (802.11b/g) access points and indicate the strongest through a simple LED display. The most significant advantage is of course that the WiFi Scout locates hotspots up to 50 metres away with no demand to boot-up your notebook until you wish to do business. Read More


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