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Zen Table packs a Japanese rock garden and robotic Zen priest in a table

By - February 12, 2012 2 Pictures
With no water, Japanese rock gardens - also known as "dry landscape" or "Zen" gardens - feature an area of gravel or sand that is designed to symbolize the sea, ocean, rivers or lakes. The act of raking the sand or gravel into patterns is practiced by Zen priests to help their concentration and has even found its way into offices with pint-sized desktop units for those looking to clear their minds at work. If you think your mind is clear enough already, are after a bit more variety from your raked sand designs and like your Zen in a table form factor then the Zen Table ticks all the boxes. Read More
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Ideum introduces new MT55 Platform multitouch table

By - July 18, 2011 10 Pictures
Ideum has unveiled a new addition to its series of 55-inch, high definition LCD multitouch tables. Billed as the thinnest commercially-available multitouch table top on the market, the new MT55 Platform sports an optical touch system capable of handling 32 touch points simultaneously and comes with SSD storage. Like its older brother, the Platform comes with Wireless-N and Bluetooth connectivity, hidden physical ports, single button operation and LED under-table illumination effects. Read More
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Ideum unveils new museum-ready, 55-inch multitouch table

By - March 28, 2011 6 Pictures
As its name suggests, the new MT55 HD Multitouch Table from Ideum features a 55-inch high definition LCD display which can support multiple simultaneous touch points. Standing at 31 inches tall, the powder coated, aluminum and steel pedestal table has a powerful quad-core processor and NVIDIA graphics running the show, supported by dual hard drives and DDR3 memory. A useful feature for the museum and tradeshow settings that the table is likely to find itself in, is the ability to lock the power switch out of harm's way and keep the ports hidden from view. Read More
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Take a multi-touch break with Touchscape's 47-inch coffee table

By - February 20, 2011 6 Pictures
We've seen huge multi-touch tables and displays being used in medicine and for exhibitions, but now you could start seeing such things when you take a coffee break. With a 47-inch display, the Touchscape Multi-Touch Table uses the company's patented multi-touch technology to deliver full 1080p high definition touchscreen interactivity for cosy one-on-one business presentations, student/teacher learning collaboration, sharing photo or video collections or unique gaming applications. Read More
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Touchy Remix brings comfort to the multi-touch table

By - February 15, 2010 6 Pictures
Microsoft’s Surface and Ideum’s offering might have blazed a lightly traveled trail for touch-sensitive computerized tables, but they seem to have overlooked one important factor - they are difficult to comfortably use while sitting down due to their boxy shape. German artist Janis Pönisch has solved this problem with her design for the outer shell of the Touchy Remix – a multi-touch table that people can actually sit at. Read More
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Castor & Chouca’s convertible baby bed: from bassinet to bed to table

By - February 2, 2010 8 Pictures
Realizing that little ones grow up so fast designers are increasingly creating innovative baby products that are designed to last. The Soleil 1,2,3 baby bed from Castor & Chouca, is a case in point. Made from eco-friendly, recyclable materials - it starts off as a baby bassinet, it then transforms into a child’s bed and finally, a child’s desk. This is one clever and functional piece of furniture that can be used long after your child has grown out of diapers. Read More
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Electrolux Rendez-Vous: the kitchen table becomes the table kitchen

By - May 27, 2009 3 Pictures
Sharing food with family and friends around the dining table is a universal recipe for a good time, unless of course you're stuck in the kitchen cooking. Electrolux Global Design has come up with a way for everyone to be included in the celebrations with the Rendez-Vous - a concept interactive table with a very high-tech kitchen built-in, and it will even charge your mobile phone. Read More
— Science

SMART multitouch table offers hands-on group learning

By - November 2, 2008 3 Pictures
Over the past two decades the role of computers in classrooms has evolved from one of curious optional-extra to core learning tool, and it's not a trend that is about to slow down. One relatively new technology that has great potential within educational environments is the multi-touch interface and this underpins SMART Technologies latest product - the SMART Table interactive learning centre. Looking a little like a retro-arcade game, this brightly colored 29" (73 cm) wide x 25" (65 cm) high table incorporates a 27" (69-cm) screen which can simultaneously receive input from a "virtually unlimited" number of fingers or pen tools. The table is designed to encourage group problem solving and collaboration and its intuitive interface makes it suitable for children in the 4 to 11 age group while teacher input is facilitated by the company's complementary interactive whiteboard products. Read More
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The Floating restaurant table

By - May 15, 2008 22 Pictures
We've seen some great moveable entertaining concepts such as the Pedalpub, the Fuya-Jo party van, Red Bull’s nightclub on wheels and the floating beach party but figure this one has greater application than all of them. Part restaurant table, part BBQ, part lounge and part activity platform, this electric-powered, water-going party platform for ten is primarily aimed at the rental market where its versatility makes it suitable for myriad applications. Read More

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