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Extendable table shrinks and grows without requiring leaves

The dining room table is the place where families come together to have a hearty meal and enjoy some quality time. If your family is small, you probably only need a little table most of the time. If friends and extended family come over, you might find yourself wrestling out a leaf to make your table bigger. A new design from Jullien Vidame hopes to do away with extension leaves altogether – it's a table that expands without the need for additional parts. Read More

Is this a table or an optical illusion?

Furniture exists primarily to serve a purpose, and as long as the basic form is maintained each piece functions perfectly well. For a table this basic form means a flat surface supported by legs. In that regard Illusion Table from Brazilian designer Roberta Rampazzo fits the bill 100 percent, but one slight deviation from the accepted design means this is a table that will likely be stared at more than used in any practical sense. Read More
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Tambour Table allows for clutter-free computing

Tambour doors on computer cabinets or home entertainment units—even innovative ones like Lista Office's Mindport—are fairly common, but designer Michael Bambino has put a new spin on the concept with a computer desk called simply Tambour Table. Managing to be both stylish and practical, Tambour Table is designed to make for clutter-free computing, which will likely appeal to those with minimalist sensibilities. Read More

Klapptischbank Up Up Up - a space-saving all-in-one table & chairs set

As our cities become more crowded, with people being crammed into ever-tighter communities, living space is at an absolute premium. With that in mind, furniture that either fulfills more than one purpose or which takes up very little room will be very much in demand. Klapptischbank Up Up Up, which literally translates into Folding Table Bench Up Up Up, is one possible solution to this problem. Read More

Teckell's designer foosball coffee table

For a coffee table with attitude, look no further than Adriano Designs' Intervallo by Teckell. If you like the idea of having your coffee table do double-duty as a foosball machine, the intervallo is for you. If you just want the most beautiful foosball machine available, then might we suggest the limited edition, crystal and aluminium Cristallino Gold LE, the gold-plated star of a range of designer foosball machines that are exquisite office and den amusements but not for the feint of wallet. Read More
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Furniture builder makes fully functional wooden NES controller coffee table

Being lovers of style, comfort and technology, you've doubtless already decked your living room out with a multimedia sofa and a recliner with a built-in sound system. Perhaps you've even gone to the trouble of hiding your plasma TV behind a nice art print or surrounding it in a home-theater-like frame. If you're now a tad underwhelmed by that functional, but otherwise rather dull, coffee table, then we may have something to bring a smile to your face. Furniture maker Charles Lushear has supersized the brick-like controller from Nintendo's iconic 8-bit gaming system launched in the mid-1980s, swapped the cold plastic for the elegance of wood and positioned some mid 20th century legs underneath to make a fully operational Nintendo Controller Coffee Table. Read More