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— Computers

Synaptics SmartBar brings capacitive touch capabilities to the spacebar

By - June 4, 2015 2 Pictures

Numerous manufacturers have been integrating touchpads into keyboards for a while now – some of which even boast touch panels that that allow switching between different modes. But San Jose-based Synaptics is taking touch technology where it has never been before. Its SmartBar technology turns the spacebar into a touch interface that is always within thumb's reach.

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— Telecommunications

Synaptics debuts Fuse next-generation mobile phone concept

By - January 24, 2010 2 Pictures
Last December, the world was introduced to the Synaptics Fuse, a new concept in mobile communications. The prototype smartphone is the result of a collaboration between Synaptics, Texas Instruments, Immersion, TheAlloy and The Astonishing Tribe (TAT). What makes this phone so special is its user/phone interface. It takes Synaptics’ pioneering touchscreen technology to a whole new level, allowing people to use the phone one-handed, and without having to even see the screen. Read More

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