Bicycle bling at London Cycle Show

Amongst the sea of carbon fiber and Lycra pants at last week's Cycle Show in London, two products really shone - not for any particular innovation or cutting edge technology... they just shone. Exhibit A is a very stylish custom Ben Wilson Low-rider that's been swathed in over 100,000 Swarovski crystals. Sunglasses were also required when wandering past the stand where a Brompton S2L folding bike had been given the 24ct gold treatment.Read More

3D-printed lingerie hits the catwalk

New York-based architect Bradley Rothenberg was recently invited to create a one of a kind 3D-printed lingerie piece for Victoria's Secret and Swarovski. The result is a sparkling corset that was a highlight feature during this year's Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.Read More

Top 10 Geeky Gifts for this Valentine's Day

On the eve of Valentine's Day, here are some gift ideas that appeal to the geek at heart - everything from hand warmers to use while you type to jewellery made from recycled computer power buttons ... and if you happen to be a single girl this Valentine's day, the Girl's Guide to Dating a Geek might be able to give you a few tips for turning that around.Read More

Digital Cameras

Sony DPF-D72N/BQ photo frame features Swarovski crystal bling

Sony's new limited edition digital photo frame ticks the boxes for looks and functionality. The DPF-D72N/BQ features an elegant and understated black frame with Crystallized Swarovski Elements and stores up to 2,000 images courtesy of 1GB internal storage. It also has a nifty auto-resizing feature. Other functions include clock and calendar modes, and an Auto Orientation sensor that automatically rotates your photos into portrait or landscape format according to the placement of the frame. Read More


Philips and Swarovski unveil digital bling

September 2, 2007 Philips and Swarovski announced their intention to work together to fuse fashion and technology in April this year and the first fruit of the collaboration was shown today at IFA 2007 in Berlin. As digital technology becomes all pervasive, it is inevitable that there will be a market for luxury technology and the Active Crystals collection directly addresses this need, beginning with the release of four USB Memory Keys and four headphones. The only problem is …Read More

Good Thinking

The world's most expensive bottled water - US$40 a bottle

October 15, 2006 Just how do you differentiate a product like bottled water? It’s an important question when you realise that Americans drink more than 25 billion litres of bottled water a year at prices greater than gasoline. Bottled water sales have risen 50% per person in less than a decade, which isn’t bad for a core product that varies little, and is at least a thousand times more expensive than tap water which is readily available as an alternative. In Europe, water is even bigger business – Western Europeans drink more than half the world’s bottled water. The winning answer to the differentiation question in 2006 was to add a magazine to the bottle, but there are thousands of brands out there and some of them are very clever. For all those people for whom only an ostentatious display of wealth will do is Bling H2O. Available in US$40 750ml and US$24 350ml versions, the frosted, corked bottles are emblazoned with hand-applied, Swarovski crystals. Not surprisingly, the newspapers are reporting that the Goddess of conspicuous consumption Paris Hilton “has tasted the water” as has her dog Tinkerbell. (she sure gets a lot of press for a gal that don’t do much). The drink has also shown up at the Grammy's, Emmy's and MTV Video Music Awards in the hands of celebrities such as Jamie Foxx, Mariah Carey and Shaquille O'Neal. Bling H2O is the creation of Hollywood writer-producer Kevin G. Boyd who knows the importance of image and what your choice in bottled water conveys to the public. In Hollywood it seems the bottled water one carries has become an important prop and it has become the land of the upmarket waters - bottles are becoming statements of coolness and Bling H2O was fashioned to make a defining statement. The mission was to offer a product with an exquisite face to match exquisite taste. The product is strategically positioned to target the expanding super-luxury consumer market. Bling H2O has been featured at many recent celebrity events including the MTV Video Music Awards and television’s biggest event, The Emmys. Our favourite quote on the subject was Adjab, which said that it proved the old adage that it's really easy to get rich people to fork over cash for stupid reasons. Read More


The most expensive luxury coach ever built

July 13, 2006 It’s a mighty big claim but Featherlite Luxury Coaches has announced its newest motorcoach, the Vantare Platinum Plus, with the claim that it’s the most expensive luxury coach ever built. The Platinum Plus has a triple slide configuration and its spacious interior is defined by the finest grade of finish materials in the world. Designed by renowned interior designer and luxury coach owner Karen B. Horton, the fine detail of every item that has gone into the US$2.5 million Platinum Plus really has to be seen to be believed. Read More


zaZen shows new ways to automotive enlightenment

December 21, 2005 Two of the world’s most innovative technology companies have joined to showcase a new automotive lighting technology and a transparent roof design in a concept car built for next February’s Geneva Motor Show. Rinspeed is one of the usual culprits – every year they show yet another bleeding edge automotive concept, and they always deliver a working prototype. This time it has conspired with Bayer Material Science to create a single-section roof dome made of the high-tech polycarbonate which enables some interesting illumination properties, including a holographic brake light. The entire roof dome from the belt line up is made of a single sheet of transparent Bayer polycarbonate which can be switched from transparent to opaque at the press of a button. This property also enables any superfluous knobs and displays on the dashboard to be “faded out” so the driver can concentrate on what is most important. And instead of a living-room atmosphere, the occupants sit in "glass-like" plastic seat shells in a bright and friendly orange colour. The interior is an invitation to meditative unity for man and machine. Everything has been reduced to essentials, hence the name of the concept car, the "zaZen". Read More

Around The Home

LG's jewel-encrusted refrigerator

August 19, 2005 There’s something distinctly nouveau riche about the new limited edition jewel encrusted DIOS refrigerator from LG. Aimed at the Taiwanese market, the R-U719GWN three door refrigerator has all the usual LG high tech domestic wizardry such as an ice-maker and LCD panel, but comes with an extra helping of bling in that it has several inlays of Swarovski crystals – 4900 of them. What we can’t quite understand is why it’s so cheap - KRW 3,990,000.00 – approximately US$3900. Perhaps there’s a discount for being so over the top. Read More


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