3D-printed surfboard fins shape the future of customized rides

Fins to the surfer are like footwear to the footballer. Sure they mightn't matter much to those just starting out but for the more experienced, different designs can deliver the added stability and control that is vital to improving performance. With a view to bringing bespoke rides to more surfers, Australian researchers are 3D-printing fins that can be tailored to individuals and their local waves. Read More


Lifeshirt wears like a sport shirt and inflates to keep you afloat

Traditional Personal Flotation Devices (PFD) are an important part of water safety, but they can be entirely uncomfortable to wear in or out of the water, especially during activity. While inflatable belts and wristbands provide potentially sleeker, more comfortable alternatives, they still require the wearer to add extra accessories that may or may not be that comfortable. To further improve comfort, startup Aegis Lifeshirt integrates inflatable protection into the shirt you're wearing anyway.
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WaveWrecker turns you into an Oompa Loompa-like surfboard

Wearable tech has had a variety of interesting twists and turns over the years. Perhaps the most interesting is the category of wearables that turns you into a piece of action sports equipment. Jetpacks and wingsuits are a couple common examples, and we've also seen a wearable sled and underwater jetpack in recent years. The WaveWrecker joins the category as a wearable surf suit that turns the bodysurfer into his own board. Read More


SmartFin gathers ocean data while users surf

When it comes to assessing the health of the oceans, scientists already utilize buoys and autonomous vehicles that monitor the deep waters. What they're lacking, however, is information on the waters close to shore – it's an area that's too shallow and/or turbulent for the usual tools. That's why SmartFin was created. It's a surfboard fin, that will allow surfers to gather oceanographic data for scientists.Read More


Daredevil Robbie Madison surfs a huge wave ... on a motorbike

Red Bull and GoPro need to get their act together, because the #1 craziest extreme promo video on the internet today belongs to a shoe company. Representing DC Shoes, Australian motorcycle daredevil Robbie Madison has dropped into a massive Tahitian wave and surfed it – on a lightly modified KTM dirt bike. This is one of the most supremely ridiculous and jaw-dropping things we've ever seen.Read More


Ultratide watch puts surf alerts on your wrist

Surfing is one of those sports where you don't just go out at a scheduled time – you go out as soon as you hear that conditions are good. Surfline is an established service that provides information on those conditions, in the form of alerts on a smartphone app. Now, Surfline has partnered with Nixon to provide such alerts on an easier-to-access sports watch, known as the Ultratide.Read More

Surf's up in Rotterdam's Steigersgracht Canal

Though Rotterdam isn't generally associated with surfing, a new aquatic attraction due to be completed in June 2015 could well change that. Set to be located in the city's Steigersgracht Canal, the RiF010 project will feature a wave pool that boasts a 1.5 m (4.9 ft) high wave every 7.5 seconds, in addition to other water-related activities. Read More


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