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Nikon's 36x COOLPIX superzoom breaks cover

By - February 10, 2011 10 Pictures
Bringing distant subjects into sharp focus has just received a COOLPIX boost with the announcement of the P500 from Nikon. The 12.1 megapixel camera features a whopping 36x zoom lens, hybrid vibration reduction technology and a vari-angle high resolution display. It can shoot full high definition movies and sports a number of useful scene modes to help users capture the best panoramic, tone rich or low light images possible. Read More
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New Cyber-shots with big zoom announced

By - February 2, 2011 4 Pictures
Sony has announced a couple of superzoom additions to its Cyber-shot camera range. Both the compact and the DSLR-like models can record full high definition movies, are GPS-enabled and have the ability to generate 3D stills without requiring the now familiar dual lens setup seen in other cameras. They both offer autofocus speeds comparable to digital SLRs and borrow some advanced technology from the company's Handycam camcorders. Read More
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Ricoh announces high speed focus CX5 compact

By - January 27, 2011 3 Pictures
Ricoh has announced a successor to last year's CX4 compact superzoom, which brings a new high speed autofocus system, ultra-telephoto zoom capabilities and a few new scene modes to play with. Other than that, the CX5 retains the same specification 10.7x optical zoom lens, ISO sensitivity, 3-inch LCD display with a wide viewing angle and high contrast, and has exactly the same dimensions as its predecessor. Read More
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Ricoh announces CX4 compact digital superzoom

By - August 18, 2010 16 Pictures
Ricoh has announced a successor to its popular CX3 compact superzoom which sports a new body design, tracking auto-focus and improved image stabilization. Described by the company as "workmanlike yet stylish", the 10 megapixel CX4 retains its predecessor's high resolution LCD display, wide-angle optical zoom lens and 720p video capability but now benefits from improved noise reduction and a special night landscape mode. Read More
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New Lumix digital cameras from Panasonic

By - July 23, 2010 19 Pictures
For most of us, holidaying in the sun means dusting off the trusty old camera and snapping some memorable moments around the pool or bar. But if your ancient photographic box is starting to become an embarrassment then a flurry of Lumix releases from Panasonic might be just what you need. There's a rugged model, a couple with touchscreen displays, a couple ultra-wide angle lenses and some capable of full high definition video too. All are storage-friendly SDXC card compatible and include a host of automated settings to help get the best from any situation. Read More
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Casio's new EXILIM's zoom in to cover all the (wide) angles

By - June 11, 2010 6 Pictures
As Casio Europe notes, "the perfect moment pays no attention to ideal photo conditions." The company has released a couple of new cameras which aim to crash through common barriers that stand in the way of good photos, such as moving objects in the distance or poor lighting conditions. Wide-angle lenses and mechanical image stabilization have been included on both new additions, the EX-H5 benefiting from 10x optical zoom and the EX-FH25 combining high speed technology with a new "high sensitivity CMOS sensor" for quality shots. Read More
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Pentax announces tough W90 and superzoom X90 cameras

By - February 28, 2010 5 Pictures
Pentax has announced that the successor to last year's W80 rugged compact camera not only proudly boasts a new body design but refinements to its internal mechanisms have granted it a boost in the bravado department too. The new W90 is now waterproof to greater depths and can now withstand falls from even greater heights. At the same time, the company announced a new improved super-zoom compact camera too, the X90. Read More
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Sony’s New 15X Cybershot H9 and H7 Cameras

By - March 11, 2007 4 Pictures
March 12, 2007 Responding to the growing demand for super zoom digital cameras, Sony showed its new 8-megapixel DSC-H9 and DSC-H7 models at PMA, with both cameras featuring powerful Carl Zeiss 15x optical zoom lenses, Sony’s new advanced sports shooting mode and high-definition outputs so they easily connect to a HDTV for spectacular reproduction. The advanced sports shooting mode combines high shutter speed shooting and intelligent continuous auto-focusing. The cameras can quickly focus on fast-moving subjects by predicting where those subjects will be in the frame. This predictive technology also helps to reduce shutter lag, the time it takes for the camera to focus and shoot. Read More

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