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The Sunseeker Duo is billed as the world's first two-passenger solar aircraft

Piloted solar flight has been a reality for some time, with even international flights now possible. Up to this point, such voyages have been a strictly solo affair, however the team originally responsible for the Sunseeker II intends to change this by manufacturing what’s billed as the world’s first two-seater solar aircraft – a motor glider named the Sunseeker Duo.  Read More

The huge 17 meter wingspan of the Sunseeker II

What is it about the single-seater Sunseeker II that drew a steady stream of visitors to the solar-powered airplane on display at the Green Air Show in Paris recently? Could it be the bluish flash of solar cells on its huge wings, or the inviting open cockpit, or maybe even the teetering propeller to the rear? Perhaps it's a delightful combination of gorgeous form and emission-free function that turned all those heads. With a two-pilot version coming soon, Gizmag took the opportunity to have a closer look.  Read More

Sunseeker's XS2000 in racing trim

May 2, 2007 In a deal that reflects the maturing of the P1 Powerboat World Championship, Sunseeker have secured a deal to use Fiat Powertrain Technologies (FPT) engines in their 2007 title quest. This agreement is the first of its kind in Powerboat racing and is usually only seen in the Formula One arena, which shows how much the P1 championship is taking off as a sport.  Read More

Sunseeker Predator 68

Synonymous with the glamour of the sun-drenched playgrounds of St Tropez and Monte Carlo is the luxury motor yacht - it has long been one of the "must-have" toys for the wealthy patrons of the French Riviera and the market for million dollar plus yachts is growing rapidly in Australia.  Read More

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