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— Science

New alloy of steel created that's as strong and light as titanium

By - February 12, 2015 1 Picture
By altering metal alloy at a nanoscale level, researchers at the Graduate Institute of Ferrous Technology (GIFT) at Pohang University of Science and Technology in South Korea have created a new material that has the strength of steel and the lightness of titanium alloy. Made from an amalgam of steel, aluminum, carbon, manganese, and nickel, the new alloy promises to be low-cost and readily available due to its mix of common minerals. Read More
— Science

Bamboo inspires new process for making metals tougher

By - July 3, 2014 1 Picture
Steel is a common benchmark against which the strength of materials is measured, with "stronger than steel" a familiar catch cry for those touting the properties of some new space-age material. But now researchers at North Carolina State University have created steel that is stronger than steel using a process that increases the toughness of various metals by altering the microstructures within them. Read More
— Architecture

Taizhou Bridge awarded supreme structural engineering gong

By - November 22, 2013 24 Pictures
The 2,940-m long Taizhou Bridge has won the Supreme Award for Structural Engineering Excellence at this year's Structural Awards. The event gives the nod to a variety of structures across numerous categories, but it was the three-tower, long-span suspension bridge, the first of its kind, which received the overall "Supreme" gong. Read more about the project and the individual category winners after the cut. Read More
— Outdoors

Gerber's Impromptu Tactical Pen is designed for danger

By - October 11, 2013 5 Pictures
While the chances of being caught up in a dangerous situation are thankfully low, having something about your person for such an eventuality isn't a bad idea. The Impromptu Tactical Pen from Gerber, with its glass-breaking steel tip, is one option for those who want to keep themselves safe. It is, as its name suggests, a simple writing implement with a hidden extra that could mean the difference between life and death. Read More
— Architecture

Metal-faced Rooftecture OT2 house harbors surprisingly inviting interior

By - January 29, 2013 11 Pictures
They say that walls can talk and if the cold, windowless metal exterior of the Rooftecture OT2 house in downtown Osaka, Japan says anything, surely it's "Leave me alone." Those lucky enough to make it through the front door (complete with forbidding chainlink door handle), however, are in for a bit of a shock. In stark contrast to its outer shell, the family home offers a warm and welcoming diffused light and mixed wood interior comfortably spread over three levels. Read More
— Automotive

Honda develops new technology to weld steel and aluminum together

By - September 11, 2012 2 Pictures
Although some engineers have had success in spot welding steel and aluminum together, it has largely been considered impossible to achieve reliable, continuous welds directly between the two dissimilar metals. That changed last Thursday, however, when Honda Motor Company announced that it has devised a technique for doing that very thing. The results, which include lower vehicle weight and better performance, can be seen in the 2013 Accord. Read More
— Automotive

NanoSteel promises lighter and more fuel efficient without compromising safety

By - August 15, 2012 3 Pictures
With fuel costs continuing to rise, the search is on for ways to make cars lighter and improve fuel efficiency, without compromising strength and safety. NanoSteel, a Rhode Island-based company recently announced the development of new nano-structured advanced high-strength alloys whose strength and ductility meet automotive structural demands. The company plans on marketing its sheet metal products in 2013 and has recently received investment from GM suggesting they could soon be appearing in production vehicles. Read More
— Science

Graphene used to rust-proof steel

By - May 29, 2012 2 Pictures
Hexavalent chromium compounds are a key ingredient in coatings used to rust-proof steel. They also happen to be carcinogenic. Researchers, therefore, have been looking for non-toxic alternatives that could be used to keep steel items from corroding. Recently, scientists from the University at Buffalo announced that they have developed such a substance. It’s a varnish that incorporates graphene, the one-atom-thick carbon sheeting material that is the thinnest and strongest substance known to exist. Read More

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