Stick-on device transforms helmets into wireless speakers

Wearing a safety helmet while engaging in sports generally eliminates the enjoyment and/or convenience of also listening to music. But one new device now taking pre-orders presents a safe way to experience wireless audio while hitting the streets, trails, or slopes. Domio is designed to stick to the outside of helmets, transforming the shells into echo chambers through the use of micro-vibration technology.Read More


The latest take on sock-shoes tramp over floors and dirt

The hype around barefoot shoes has cooled since its heyday a few years ago, when it seemed there was a never-ending surge of weird designs like half-sole running pads and chain-mail sock-shoes. That doesn't mean weird, barefoot-style shoes have disappeared completely. Swiss Barefoot is still out and about hawking its sporty, five-toed tough socks, and now it has some new competition. Skinners Technologies has a similar sock-shoe design, albeit in a more traditional toe box cut. It's not too late to get in on running, jumping and lounging in ruggedized socks, if that's something you have any desire to get in on.Read More


Programmable robot trainer pitches ping-pong practice anywhere

Practice makes perfect, and many types of sports offer ways for individuals to hone skills alone on their own time. But what if your game happens to be ping-pong? A team has developed a smart robot that provides players a programmable opponent to challenge. Trainerbot is designed to sit on a table and lob shots with complete spin, direction, and trajectory control.Read More


Drone racing takes off with Dubai's $1 million World Drone Prix

Drone racing sure has gathered speed in a short space of time. For evidence of that, look no further than a new cashed up competition out of Dubai, a place that doesn't really do things by halves. Set to take place this coming weekend, the World Drone Prix will play host to pilots from all around the globe battling for US$1 million in cash prizes.Read More


Formula One-inspired Drone Racing League to take flight next month

From remote forests and derelict warehouses to international contests in professional sports stadiums in the space of a year, the sport of drone racing sure is gathering steam. The Drone Racing League is looking beyond makeshift courses and one-off events to establish an F1-like racing series at different locations throughout the year, with the first event set to kick off in Miami next month.Read More


Hercules WAE Outdoor Rush "oceanproof" speaker shreds waves and snow

Plenty of Bluetooth speakers can get outside and play music at the beach, campground or poolside. Not as many are purpose-built for paddling into the waves and catching the big one, though. Designed to stand up against rolling saltwater, shock and other hazards of the great outdoors, the Hercules WAE Outdoor Rush speaker can mount to your surfboard or snowboard and bring the tunes along for the ride.
Read More


Mio’s Slice activity tracker takes the focus away from counting steps

Many activity trackers give you a step target to walk towards, or an active minute target to count down each day, but while these metrics are easy to understand, they're often not the best measure of fitness or exercise. Along with its new Slice activity tracker, Mio is launching a new Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) system. This new metric gives you a score to reflect your body's response to exercise based on your heart rate.Read More


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