God of War, VR and Kojima: Sony at E3 2016

Last week, Sony confirmed the existence of a more powerful version of its PS4 console, named the PlayStation 4K. It also confirmed that the system wouldn't be shown off at E3, leaving us wondering what the company's presentation would contain. Well, despite the absence of the new hardware, the event didn't disappoint, with a host of new game reveals, as well as more in-depth looks at previously-announced titles. Read on for our roundup of the biggest news from Sony at this year's E3.Read More

Digital Cameras

Sony files patent for contact lens that records what you see

Although electronic devices are shrinking all the time, the idea of a smart contact lens still seems wildly ambitious. Now Sony has reached even further into the realm of the hypothetical and yanked out something that trumps all the efforts we have seen before. A patent filing by the Japanese company reveals its vision for a contact lens that not only records video and images with a simple blink, but manages to store them right there and then on the user's eyeballs.Read More

Sony's got videography highs and lows covered

Said to be the smallest camera in Sony's full-frame line-up, the upcoming UMC-S3C video camera combines 4K resolution video recording prowess with the highest low-light sensitivity in its class. The lightweight box is compatible with E-mount lenses and eliminates the need for network cabling for extended mobile use.Read More

Digital Cameras

Sony goes big with the RX10 III superzoom camera

Sony has announced the latest iteration of its large-sensored bridge camera with the Cyber-Shot RX10 III. This time around, the 20.1-megapixel one-inch-type sensor isn't the only big part of the camera; its built-in zoom lens offers a massive 24-600-mm equivalent F2.4-F4 lens, triple the zoom of its predecessor. Also revealed are a couple of new full frame FE lenses: A 70-300-mm F4.5-F5.6 zoom and a 50-mm F1.8 prime.Read More

VR Feature

The best VR headset, after a week at GDC

Not only did we have the privilege of using all three of the big VR headsets at GDC 2016, but we were able to spend over six hours with the Oculus Rift, four hours with PlayStation VR and more than an hour with the HTC Vive (and we've spent more hours since then using the Vive at home). If you're still trying to decide which VR headset is best for you, we've gathered some thoughts, observations and recommendations on how things stack up right now.Read More


Four hours with PlayStation VR: Good headset, potentially great games – horrible motion controls

If Sony can get its PlayStation VR headset into the same ballpark of user-friendliness as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive (despite its horsepower disadvantage), it could do big things. With a huge head start in base station adoption (all those PS4s already sitting under gamers' TVs) and a relatively low price, it could hit a nice middle ground for VR early adopters. We aren't counting out Sony's headset, but it also isn't there yet.Read More

Mobile Technology Feature

The best of MWC 2016

This Mobile World Congress was the year when the world's biggest smartphone expo went beyond the smartphone. We've seen VR headsets, 360-degree cameras, home security robots, convertible tablet/laptop hybrids and much more during our week in Barcelona. Read on for our picks for the best gadgets of the show, along with our overall impressions of everything else at MWC 2016.Read More


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