Need directions? SmartHalo safely navigates urban cyclists

For the savvy cyclist, "smart bikes" tend to offer useful elements that enhance rides for fun, commuting, or sport. Unfortunately, not everyone can justify the steep costs involved, especially when there may be a perfectly good "normal" bicycle at home. Thankfully, upgrades exist to help turn standard bicycles into smart ones. One of the latest, the SmartHalo, provides smart and safe directions in what is described as a durable, minimalist design.Read More

Around The Home

Knocki taps into the Internet of Things

Can you knock on your kitchen countertop to dim the lights, turn on your favorite music or send your partner a text message? You can if you have a "Knocki" stuck to it. Developed by Texas-based Swan Solutions, Knocki is a disc-shaped device that turns solid surfaces, such as walls, doors or tables, into remote control switches for internet-connected devices. All you have to do is knock.Read More


Delsey's smart luggage prototype offers built-in scales, fingerprint access and more

French luggage manufacturer Delsey has revealed a prototype connected smart bag. Known as Pluggage, the bag links to a companion app, and offers various features such as fingerprint unlocking, location tracking and a built-in smartphone charger. The company is currently asking potential customers to vote for their favorite features, a number of which will be included in the final product. Read More


A smarter greener deodorant stick? Hmmm...

A new Kickstarter campaign aims to make the deodorant stick more environmentally friendly by cutting back on plastic packaging. By replacing the disposable stick with a reusable dispenser, ClickStick's designers claim plastic waste is cut by as much as 90 percent. That's a sound idea, but one that risks undoing its good work by overcomplicating a simple product.Read More


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