A stamp-size smart wearable with big potential

A technology incorporated into a sticker about the size of a large postage stamp and as thin as a human hair could provide a more comfortable method for monitoring patient health or eliminate tickets to sporting events and concerts. Called the Wearable Interactive Stamp Platform (WiSP), the patented technology was developed by MC10, a company that first commercialized the smart stamp concept with a UV monitoring thin patch developed in conjunction with cosmetic maker L'Oreal and announced earlier this year.Read More

Smart umbrella doubles as a weather forecaster

Conventional umbrellas have at least three common issues: you often get caught without one when you most need it, it can easily be left where you last used it, and it can collapse in high wind. The oombrella tackles all three by telling you when it's going to rain, alerting you when you've left it behind, and sports a Kevlar frame to keep its form when the wind picks up.Read More


Luxor 2 flashlight automatically detects targets, adjusts beam for ideal illumination

Although most modern flashlights provide the means to adjust beam focus and brightness, very few are equally effective at both flood- and spot-lighting. You could own one of each flashlight type, but the latest from PLX Devices takes a different approach. Not only is the Luxor 2 designed for optimal light delivery, it does so automatically by detecting where it's being pointed in order to adjust the beam accordingly. Read More

Health & Wellbeing

Kinsa's Smart Ear Thermometer promises simplified health tracking

It's bad enough that the flu can make one feel pretty terrible, but the young, the elderly, and/or those with existing health conditions tend to experience the worst that such sicknesses have to offer. Just in time for the US flu season, Kinsa has announced its second-generation smart thermometer that's designed to read temperatures from the ear, track illness symptoms, and help people take actionable steps.Read More


Need directions? SmartHalo safely navigates urban cyclists

For the savvy cyclist, "smart bikes" tend to offer useful elements that enhance rides for fun, commuting, or sport. Unfortunately, not everyone can justify the steep costs involved, especially when there may be a perfectly good "normal" bicycle at home. Thankfully, upgrades exist to help turn standard bicycles into smart ones. One of the latest, the SmartHalo, provides smart and safe directions in what is described as a durable, minimalist design.Read More

Around The Home

Knocki taps into the Internet of Things

Can you knock on your kitchen countertop to dim the lights, turn on your favorite music or send your partner a text message? You can if you have a "Knocki" stuck to it. Developed by Texas-based Swan Solutions, Knocki is a disc-shaped device that turns solid surfaces, such as walls, doors or tables, into remote control switches for internet-connected devices. All you have to do is knock.Read More


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