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Amazon Dash is now live, automatically reorders household supplies

The days of having to log onto your computer or smart phone, navigate to the proper site, and click "purchase" are over, not to mention the quaint notion of visiting an actual store. Your smart appliances can now handle the exhausting task of shopping for you. With Amazon's Dash Replenishment Service, connected devices in your home or office automatically reorder from Amazon when supplies run low.Read More


Tally robot autonomously takes stock of store shelves

If you turn up to your local supermarket one day to find all of your favourite items fully stocked, you may have the slender robot sauntering up and down the aisles to thank. Announced today, Tally is an autonomous retail robot that rolls around stores making sure shelves are correctly stocked, promising to cut labor costs and lost revenue in the process.Read More


Hiku gets online shopping on the button

We all know the frustration of getting home from the supermarket only to realize we've forgotten something - or to find that someone else has also been. The Hiku grocery button is aimed at helping users to avoid shopping list mix-ups. it can even help users avoid going to the supermarket altogether.Read More

Good Thinking

ShopInstantShoe instant-fit shoe system is heading for stores

For women, buying the wrong shoes can be about more than just esthetics. If they end up with shoes that don't fit properly, they can develop foot disorders such as bunions, hammertoes or ingrown toenails. That's where the European Union's DemoShopInstantShoe project comes in. Established a few years ago, the collaborative effort is now about to release a device that instantly adapts off-the-rack shoes to a custom fit.Read More

Good Thinking

Electrical supermarket trolley lightens your grocery load

Israeli electrical engineer Avraham Hagay wrote into Gizmag this week to tell us about his invention, a motorized shopping trolley designed to make it easier to push a full load of groceries around the store and back to your car. The system, which carries loads of up to 120 kg (265 lbs), can be retrofitted onto existing carts or integrated into new builds. Hagay's currently in talks with local companies and he hopes to soon find a business partner to help manufacture, market, and sell the technology worldwide.Read More


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