Saab's underwater robot tackles terrorist bombs

Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) aren't just a threat on land, they're also a major problem underwater as well. To help track down and neutralize these devices, Saab has developed its Sea Wasp Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV), which was unveiled at the US Navy League's Sea-Air-Space Exposition in National Harbor, Maryland.Read More


Bike bits protected by magnets in new security system

If you commute on a nice bike, you not only have to worry about it being stolen, but you also have to guard against its components being pilfered while it's parked. In the past, we've seen systems that replace a bike's standard mounting bolts with ones that can only be removed using a special tool. Do you really want to replace all those bolts, though? That's where Hexlox comes in. It can simply be added to existing hex bolts, making them virtually unremovable by passing thieves.Read More

Package Guard takes alarming approach to porch pirates

Compulsive shoppers aren't the only ones benefitting from the rise of online retailers, with unattended packages providing plenty of opportunity for porch plunderers. The Package Guard is a simple solution designed to scare off shady characters by sounding an alarm when a delivery is removed by someone other than the intended recipient.Read More


Mobile detector sniffs out would-be suicide bombers

A beefed up security presence and metal detectors can go some way to protecting the public from the threat of suicide bombers, but they're still a tactic that is effectively deployed all too often. One entrepreneur is looking to help reveal such threats with a detector that scans subjects for shrapnel commonly used in suicide vests and explosives. Read More


Rook drone lets users fly around their homes from anywhere in the world

Anyone who has piloted a drone knows that wide open spaces are your friend, so the idea of an indoor drone might seem like a questionable idea. But there is method in the madness for the team at Eighty Nine Robots, a company formed by a group of students from Northwestern University. Their Rook drone is intended to allow users to remotely do a sweep of the interior of their homes from anywhere in the world via a Wi-Fi connection and an iOS or Android device.Read More


"Unhackable" RFID chip to keep your credit cards safe

Radio frequency identification (RFID) chips have made cashless payments commonplace and opened the way to automatic inventory control. However, they've also made it possible for credit card details and other private information to be stolen wirelessly. To make things a bit more secure, MIT and Texas Instruments are developing an "unhackable" RFID chip that's designed to fend off information-stealing attacks.Read More


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