Fabric sensors to make car seats smarter and safer

The problem with most car seats today is that the sensing devices in them can't distinguish the difference between say an inanimate bag of groceries versus a highly fidgety child if both are similar in weight. BeBop Sensors is working to change that with fabric sensors it's developed that are meant to make car seats smarter and thus safer.Read More


Self-installing child safety seat is 4moms

If you can imagine a child safety seat that has its own smartphone app and a car seat that virtually installs itself, then you can see into the future. About six months into the future, to be exact. The latest product from 4moms is coming in June this year and that's exactly what it is.Read More

ParkedBench micro-park lets Londoners take five

A new park in London, UK, may be dwarfed by some of the city's larger and more grandiose green spaces, but it still provides a place for Londoners to take a break. The Tooley Street Fresh Air Square, which takes up just two car parking spaces, has been installed in the London Bridge area of the city.Read More


Volvo child seat concept puts kids' safety up front

Back in April, Volvo showed off its Lounge Console at the Shanghai International Auto Show. The concept replaced the usually-unoccupied front passenger seat of a chauffeur-driven vehicle with a multi-purpose luxury footrest for use by the rear-seat passenger. Building on that idea, the Swedish automaker has now unveiled the Excellence Child Seat Concept, which replaces the front seat with a baby seat.Read More


Seatylock combines a bike saddle and a lock

If you're using your bike just to go meet someone at the coffee shop, it's a hassle to have to bring along a backpack, just to carry your lock. You could get a lock-mounting bracket installed on your frame, but the Seatylock presents an interesting alternative – as its name suggests, it's a bike seat that can be removed to serve as a lock. Read More


Seat and drum become one with Drumstooled

France's Patrice Bardin has come up with a stylish and eye-catching twist on self-accompaniment. Rather than stomp out a backbeat on a kick drum, home-made rhythm board or even an empty suitcase out front while thumping the strings of a battered acoustic guitar and throwing out soulful vocals, the Drumstooled is a mash up of a stool and an acoustic kick drum, with some colorful LED lighting thrown in for good measure.Read More

Active Chair works your core, but looks normal

Although there are differing opinions regarding the health benefits of using a fit ball as a seat, a lot of people swear by it. That said, they don't always do it, because using a big inflated rubber ball as an office chair just makes them feel a little too silly. That's why Hungarian company Balance King has created its normal-looking Active Chair. Read More


Morgaw bike saddle features integrated shock absorbers

Butt pain is a big complaint amongst cyclists, although many of them will tell you that getting a cushier seat isn't the solution. The theory goes that the extra padding will get pressed up into the rider's nether regions, ultimately just adding more pressure. Suspension seatposts are one alternative, although European cyclists Martin Moravcik and Slawek Gawlik have created what they claim is another, that's lighter and simpler – the Morgaw shock-absorbing saddle. Read More


Seymourpowell's Morph concept: Customizable airline seating for a price

Economy airline seats have a one-size-fits-all design that seems to fit hardly anybody and often makes flights of any length into an extended exercise in discomfort. Last week, London-based design firm Seymourpowell presented Morph – a new concept economy seat for airline travel that uses stretched fabric sheets and movable supports to allow passengers to customize their seats and even purchase extra width.Read More


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