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The Leatherman Raptor: a multi-tool built to save lives

By - November 26, 2012 4 Pictures
Having the right tool can make all the difference in a life-or-death situation, as multi-tool manufacturer, Leatherman, knows full well. That's why the Oregon-based company's latest product is a pair of medical shears designed specifically for military and civilian emergency medics. The Raptor is equipped with a range of features and tools aimed at helping field medics get people out of dangerous situations and into proper medical care as quickly as possible. Read More
— Around The Home

Scalable scissors vary in length depending on need

By - October 18, 2010 5 Pictures
It’s one of those dilemmas you probably never even realized existed... short scissors are better for fiddly cutting, and for cutting through tough materials, while longer scissors are faster on light materials, and better at cutting in a straight line. What are you gonna do, buy two pairs of scissors? Designer Jie Weng has what is apparently a better idea: scalable scissors. Just set the blades to the length you need and start cutting. Read More

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