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Samsung's new smart fridge lets you check in on its contents through internal cameras

With a back catalogue of fridges featuring sparkling water dispensers, independent cooling zones and touchscreens of all shapes and sizes, these days it might be more surprising if Samsung rolled in to CES without some kind of wacky refrigerator in tow. For this year's event, the Korean electronics giant has wheeled out a connected fridge with internal cameras so you can peer inside using your phone when you're out and about. After numerous false starts, could it be Samsung's Family Hub Refrigerator that earns this everyday appliance a place at the table of the Internet of Things?Read More


Samsung pulls three devices out of experimental research lab for CES

Samsung is set to give CES attendees a little glimpse into its research division next week, unveiling for the first time a set of projects underway in its secretive Creative Lab (C-Lab). With the curtain to be pulled back on a weight-managing belt, a VR controller and an ambitiously discrete audio device, Samsung will be looking to gauge the potential for some of its more promising, yet experimental ideas for near-future technologies. Read More


Tips and tricks for the Samsung Gear VR

One of the perks of Samsung and Oculus releasing public developer kits for the Gear VR headset is that, though it just became a consumer product, some of us have already been using different versions of the headset for over a year. Let us help you get started with some handy tips and tricks to get the most out of the consumer Gear VR.Read More

VR Review

Review: Samsung Gear VR (consumer version)

In just three years, virtual reality has gone from a curiosity (sparked by a crowdfunding indie startup called Oculus VR) to a new category of consumer product that many consider to be "the next big thing." Never one to shy away from such things, Samsung has partnered with Oculus to launch the first consumer VR headset that matters. Meet the groundbreaking Gear VR.Read More

Mobile Technology

2015 Smartphone Comparison Guide

If you're shopping for a smartphone, this is the best time of year to do it. Not only do many of the best handsets launch around this time, but if you keep your eyes open, you can also find some sweet deals. Let Gizmag help with your decision, as we compare some of the best smartphones of 2015.Read More


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