Lumenus smart jacket signals a change of direction for cyclists

Visibility is a crucial part of cyclist safety, but it's also important that their turning intentions are relayed to other road users. Hand signals were the only option in this area for a long time, but in recent years we've seen technology, such as the Zackees cycling gloves, designed to improve the visibility of turn signals at night. The Lumenus jacket on display at Interbike takes a similar approach, but goes a step further by letting cyclists be guided by the light.Read More


Land Rover's Transparent Trailer concept keeps the rear view clear

Last year, Land Rover unveiled its Discovery Vision concept with its Transparent Bonnet, which used cameras and virtual technology to make the front of the car appear "transparent" to the driver. It was a clever idea for eliminating blind spots, but what if you're hauling a caravan or a horse box? To help eliminate this massive rear blind spot, the company has developed a prototype "Transparent Trailer" system, which extends virtual translucence to the rear.Read More

Candea water bottle doubles as a bike light

There's a trick campers use, where they shine a flashlight down into a water bottle to create a lantern. Well, Italian cycling goods manufacturer Elite uses that same principle in its new Candea bottle – LEDs in the bottom illuminate the bottle above, making night-time cyclists a bit more visible.Read More


NASA tests Orion parachutes to breaking point

NASA has been pushing the safety features on its next-generation Orion spacecraft to the extreme, as it carried out a dramatic parachute test. During the test, engineers staged the failure of various components of the descent system in order to see if it would still function, and save the lives of a potential crew in a worst case scenario.Read More


Million Mile Light turns running strides into light

Runners have plenty of options for lighting, from simple, purpose-built runners' lights, to lighted hydration packs, to LED running shoes, to neon-glow belts and beyond. Typically these lights are powered by replaceable or rechargeable batteries, which can leave you in the dark. The all-new Million Mile Light from startup Positively Human makes you the battery, keeping the light flashing so long as you're running. Read More

Good Thinking

Leveraxe turns against the grain

The axe is one of the oldest tools known to mankind, and its basic design typically changes very little. The Leveraxe, however, strays from that blueprint. As a result, it's said to be more effective than a traditional axe, require less power, be safer and not get stuck in the wood.Read More

Bicycles Review

Review: WingLights bike turn indicators have a certain magnetism

As any dedicated bicycle commuter will tell you, it’s important to let motorists know when and in which direction you’re turning. At night, however, drivers might not always see your hand signals. Using illuminated gloves is one solution, but British startup Cycl is now offering another: LED turn indicators that attach magnetically to the ends of your handlebars. They’re called WingLights, and we recently had the chance to try them out for ourselves.Read More


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