Next-gen football helmet blunts impulse and impact

University of Michigan researchers have entered the race to build a lightweight, more affordable and more effective football helmet, with a system they've called Mitigatium. The design incorporates three different layers that are meant to blunt some dangerous physics that today's helmet designs ignore.Read More


Eye tracking monitors helicopter pilots flying blind

From battle zones to oil rigs, helicopters often operate in some of the hairiest situations in which pilots are forced to rely solely on cockpit instruments. In an effort to improve safety, the non-profit helicopter safety organization HeliOffshore is using eye-tracking technology to gain a greater understanding of how pilots operate in such scenarios.Read More

Around The Home

Haven puts a fire sensor and extinguisher in your ceiling

A fire-suppression system that automatically detects a fire and then releases a non-toxic suppressant could help alleviate the thousands of cooking fires identified as the leading cause of home fires in the US and elsewhere. Unlike other automatic systems that rely on water, toxic suppressants or aerosols, the Haven system uses a dry chemical suppressant that is automatically triggered when it detects heat of 135º F (57º C) rather than smoke.Read More


Boarder Kontrol Skateboard keeps its brakes on a short leash

The prospect of skateboarding down a steep hill can be a daunting one. Having a brake-equipped board can make things a bit safer, although a sudden application of those brakes can still send you tumbling off the front. That's why Australia's Streetboardz created the Boarder Kontrol Skateboard. Not only does it have rear brakes, but they're activated by a leash that keeps the rider in place on the deck.Read More


Self-installing child safety seat is 4moms

If you can imagine a child safety seat that has its own smartphone app and a car seat that virtually installs itself, then you can see into the future. About six months into the future, to be exact. The latest product from 4moms is coming in June this year and that's exactly what it is.Read More

Good Thinking

SkySaver offers escape from a burning high-rise

Being trapped on an upper floor of a burning high-rise is the stuff of nightmares, but a product called SkySaver offers a last-resort means of escape, should that unlikely scenario occur and a safer exit is unavailable. SkySaver is worn on the back like a backpack and allows the user to descend out of a window and reach the ground in one piece.Read More

Health & Wellbeing

New marijuana breath test promises accurate readings of THC levels

Detecting marijuana by way of a road-side test seems an obvious enough measure as the legalization movement gathers momentum, but an effective technology is yet to really be established. Current approaches relying on blood and urine samples are unable to distinguish between somebody driving under the influence, and somebody that has simply used the drug sometime in the last month. But one US company now claims to have developed a breathalyzer system that can measure levels of THC in one's breath to determine how much a road user is impaired when behind the wheel.Read More


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