Puma's BeatBot races runners

If you're a serious competitive runner, then training on your own isn't always enough – you need someone else to race against. That said, a fast enough runner might not always be available. What do you do then? Well, if you're one of a lucky few, you may soon be able to use your Puma BeatBot robot.Read More


Tim Peake completes London Marathon from orbit

British astronaut Tim Peake has successfully completed the London Marathon whilst orbiting 400 km (248 miles) above the Earth aboard the International Space Station. Peake is only the second astronaut to complete a Marathon in space, alongside NASA Astronaut Sunita Williams, who took part in the Boston Marathon from the ISS back in 2007.Read More


One80 headlamp spreads light from a half-halo

Some entrepreneurial adventurers (adventurous entrepreneurs?) seem quite convinced that the classic headlamp, lantern and flashlight just aren't cutting it anymore. They think campers, backpackers and other outdoorsy folks need to mix it up with solutions like chest lights, backpack strap lights and even 8,000-lumen belt lamps. Another alternative, the One80 works as a headlamp, but it's far from classic, replacing the typical central light housing with a curved LED band that spreads light the namesake 180 degrees. And if you prefer your light lower down, that LED band can be removed and strapped to your waist.
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Runtimate magnetic running belt keeps your gear secure

Keeping light and comfortable during a run and carrying a bunch of personal belongings are diametrically opposed concepts. Even small items like keys and cash can quickly overwhelm the tiny amount of pocket space on running shorts and shirts. There are already plenty of solutions for this problem, but hydration armbands, running waist packs and bottle-securing gloves aren't right for every runner. Italian startup Runtimate uses the power of magnets to create a gear-carrying belt it believes is a better fit for those keeping fit. Read More

Technogym debuts "world's first" music-interactive treadmill tech

Quite a few people listen to music while using a treadmill, with the idea being that they'll walk/run more or less in time to the beat. Utilizing the Android-based Running Music feature on Technogym's Unity treadmill console, however, things are a little different – the music selection changes to suit the cadence of the user.Read More


Gore-Tex Active jackets combine breathability and permanent water repelling capabilities

Running and cycling gear either tends to sacrifice breathability in favor of keeping the rain out, or vice versa. The new One Gore-Tex Active Bike and One Gore-Tex Active Run jackets provide the best of both worlds by using a new material called Gore-Tex Active that provides a permanent beading surface that actually sheds water and provides greater breathability.Read More


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