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Rocketskates let you walk or "motor"

By - July 8, 2014 3 Pictures
Back in 2010, we first heard about inventor Peter Treadway's concept for powered wheeled footwear that also allowed the user to walk under their own power when desired. Two years later, the concept was the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, in the form of spnKiX motorized skates. Now, Treadway has returned to Kickstarter with an improved take on the original idea, known as Acton R Rocketskates. Read More
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Nordic skiing on the street with Skike bike-skates

By - July 19, 2012 5 Pictures
When we first saw the term "Skike," we immediately thought "skate bike" (i.e. a scooter-like contraption combining bike components with skating action). We were probably thinking of the similarly named Trikke and its brother the Skki. The Skike does combine biking and skating, but it's a different kind of skating and a different kind of skate-bike. Essentially a roller skate with biking influences, the Skike is a tool for asphalt cross country skiing. Read More
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Dreamslide takes a new stance on pedaling

By - September 27, 2010 5 Pictures
Eleven years ago, French rollerblading and boardsports enthusiast Jean‐Marc Gobillard decided that the small wheels of rollerblades weren’t quite speedy enough. He experimented with a few different ideas, which ultimately led him to design the Dreamslide. This unique device combines the standing stance of things like skateboards and roller blades with the efficient locomotion and larger, faster wheels of a bicycle. It even has its own special pedaling system, designed for a standing rider. Read More
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Easyglider adds electric drive to your rollerblades or skateboard

By - December 3, 2007 31 Pictures
December 4, 2007 Around the world, dozens of small businesses are springing up and flourishing based on innovative, compact urban transport inventions that speed up the short commute while at the same time injecting a healthy dose of fun. The skateboard has evolved into electric powered versions as well as the twisting casterboard concept, mini-scooters are going electric and developing at a rapid rate, and next-gen mobility platforms like the Segway are changing the way people think about short-range transport. Now there's the easyglider, an external electric drive wheel that lets you zip yourself along at up to 20kmh on your rollerblades, skateboard, or a connected wheeled platform. Read More

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