Using stem cells to save rhinos from extinction

The northern white rhino is right on the brink of extinction, with only three of the species left on the planet. There's zero hope for the animals surviving naturally, but a team of scientists believes it might still be possible to bring the species back from the brink, with hopes of using stored genetic information to produce a new population.Read More


Connected Conservation: Using drones, sensors and Wi-Fi to stop poachers

By their very nature, wildlife reserves are generally located in remote areas beyond the reach of typical communications technologies. This is good news if you're a poacher trying to infiltrate area, and bad news for patrol teams working to keep them out. But a new initiative is looking to tip things in the good guys' favor by fitting out an African nature reserve with high-tech gear, such as seismic sensors and infrared drones, all of which is networked to keep tabs on who exactly is going in and out of the park.Read More


AREND Project aims to ward off poachers with unmanned aerial vehicles

Like many a technology before it, the aerial drone is finding applications far beyond military circles, from burrito delivery to surveying broken bridges. One emerging area with huge potential is wildlife conservation, with drones delivering the ability to patrol and detect illegal poachers from the air. AREND (Aircraft for Rhino and Environmental Defense) is an international team of students currently developing an unmanned aerial system with the ultimate objective of combating poaching in Africa's national parks. Read More


Aerial drones to help protect endangered species of rhino

Aerial drones, whether they be dropping bombs, books or burritos, have attracted a certain degree of controversy in recent times. While the potential of the technology is plain to see, many aren't convinced that the benefits will outweigh the risks associated with unmanned vehicles zipping about in the sky above. With its recent field testing of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) designed to protect an ailing rhino population, Airware is determined to help the industry shed some of these negative connotations.Read More


Rhino Off-Road RTV set for mass production

May 11, 2007 We’ve written about Rhino Off-Road Industries several times now, basically because it’s a new class of off-road vehicle with the abilities of a mountain goat. For those who are similarly enamoured with the beast’s abilities, here’s some great news – the Rhino is destined for mass production. The company has shipped a fully outfitted Rhino Off-Road RTV-XT2 vehicle to its production partners in China, marking a key step in the process of mass production of the vehicle for distribution worldwide. For a rather extreme demonstration of what the Rhino is capable of in rock-crawling competition, see this video (WMV download). Read More


Rhino pitches its RTV to US emergency response services.

April 30, 2007 We've written before about the remarkable rockhopping Rhino RTV and its amazing rough terrain abilities. Now it seems Rhino are teaming up with Arizona Emergency Products, Inc in an effort to sell the vehicles to U.S. based government organizations involved in emergency response - including police, fire and Homeland Security agencies such as the Border Patrol, the Forest Service and the FBI.Read More


Rhino RTV now accessorized for work too

November 5, 2006 Somewhere between a monster truck and a lightweight high-spec, space-framed racing 4x4 with a liberal helping of mountain goat thrown in is the Rhino, which is not to be confused with the world’s toughest bus, the Rhino Runner. The Honda-powered 2.0 litre Rhino is a product of the deserts of Nevada and has evolved such remarkable go-anywhere capabilities that the company is now offering a fully accessorized “Search and Rescue” RTV, which was unveiled at the 2006 SEMA Show in Las Vegas last week. The Rhino RTV is a new type of off-road vehicle that with the addition of purpose-oriented accessories, offers unique capabilities to law enforcement agencies, park services, ranchers, and other businesses working in outdoor, off-highway environments. Though at heart we suspect it will always remain a primarily recreational vehicle for the adventurous at heart, add on equipment racks, trailers, winches, GPS systems, emergency lights, radios and canvas tops and the RTV can be transformed into workhorse utility vehicle.Read More


The toughest bus on the planet

June 18, 2005 “Route Irish” is the local name for the heavily travelled, and highly dangerous road between the secure Green Zone in Baghdad and Baghdad International Airport. There have been so many ambushes and IED explosions on that route that all U.S. State Department personnel were forbidden from travelling the route by road last December (2004) and must use helicopters instead. If you don’t have a helicopter at your disposal in Baghdad, as nearly all Military and civilian contractor personnel don’t, there’s really only one certain option if you wish to remain alive and that’s to travel in one of the heavily armoured Rhino Runner buses. Without a shadow of doubt, the Rhino Runner is the toughest bus on the planet – when the human value of the cargo is V.I.P. and above, it is the military’s vehicle of choice to provide safe ground transportation. Regular users of the vehicle in Baghdad include U.S. Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, General Dick Myers, Saddam Hussein and all other V.I.P. prisoners. The stories surrounding the massive attacks that Rhino Runners have withstood border on the preposterous. Read More


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