Motorcycles Review

Video review: Royal Enfield's Classic 500 fools people into thinking we've restored it

When it comes to modern classic motoring, Royal Enfield occupies a pretty unique niche. To drive a brand new car with truly retro styling, you're paying through the nose for something like the Morgan AR Plus 4. On the other hand, you can pick up something like the Classic 500 motorcycle, in this case done up in army green as a homage to the motorcycles of World War 2, for about the same price as your average commuter bike. Like Morgan, Royal Enfield just never bothered to modernize, so they're about as authentic as it gets. And as Loz discovered riding it around for a couple of weeks, the vast majority of people on the street instantly assume it's a really well done restoration.Read More

Urban Transport

Modern e-bike looks like a blast – from the past

Back in the 70s, many a young lad owned a motorized minibike – and for all those who did, there were probably about 10 others who wished they did. Well, now they've got their chance to buy a more practical version of one. California-based Lithium Cycles' Super 73 is a 1,000-watt e-bike, designed to evoke the days of bell-bottom jeans and Charlie's Angels.Read More

Digital Cameras

Olympus pairs vintage looks and mod cons with the PEN-F

Olympus has revealed its latest retro mirrorless camera, the PEN-F. Designed as a digital successor to its iconic namesake, the new camera looks like an old-school rangefinder, but packs a thoroughly modern punch. The 20-megapixel Micro Four Thirds PEN-F features a high resolution electronic viewfinder, 5-axis image stabilization, and the ability to shoot 50-megapixel images.Read More

Digital Cameras

Kodak brings back the Super 8 movie camera, in analog/digital form

Fifty years ago, Kodak introduced its first Super 8mm movie camera. More recently, we've seen devices with a retro form factor and "organic" picture quality inspired by classic Super 8 cameras, but that still record on modern digital video. This week at CES, however, Kodak revealed a prototype of its first new Super 8 film camera in over 30 years. Known simply as the Kodak Super 8 camera (for now), it combines analog and digital features.Read More

Coleco resurfaces with retro Chameleon gaming system

If you were a child of the 80s, then perhaps you once lusted after the ColecoVision home video game system. Well, instead of searching eBay for ratty old units, you'll soon be able to buy your own new Coleco setup. Named Chameleon, the platform will play reproductions of games from days gone by, along with new titles that look like they're from days gone by.Read More

Voltmeter Alarm Clock is shockingly industrial-chic

Christmas shopping for the electrical engineer who has everything? Well, chances are they don't have the Voltmeter Alarm Clock. Made by novelty electronics manufacturer Awkward Engineer, it looks like a vintage analog voltmeter, except it displays hours and minutes instead of volts and amps.Read More


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