Red Dot Design Award

Health & Wellbeing

5aver combines fire evacuation alarm, lantern and breathing mask

The thought of getting caught in a building fire is terrifying. Flames raging, smoke obscuring your vision and making it difficult to breathe, infrastructure crumbling, and you're trying desperately to remain calm and get out. The 5aver won't douse the flames, but the grab-and-go combination of lantern, alarm and mask is designed to help you find your way to safety in a hurry. Read More

Disaster relief kit rolls into a portable carry pack

Natural disasters cause millions of people to be displaced from their homes each year, so it's not surprising to see young designers putting their efforts towards creating accessible and economical solutions to ease the discomfort for such victims. The Softshelter, AbleNook and Carter Williamson’s Shelter are all great examples of such initiatives, and the Rely foldout sleeping domain is another one to add to the list. Read More


Saddle Lock provides built-in bicycle security

The number of people choosing to ride a bicycle, particularly for short journeys, is on the increase. The reasons are clear: environmental concerns, health benefits, the rising cost of fuel; but owning and using a pushbike has its negatives as well as positives. The biggest problem – aside from having to transport bulky shopping bags – is the risk of theft ... and sometimes the numerous traditional styles of locks aren't suitable. Enter Saddle Lock, which seeks to minimize the fuss of locking and unlocking your bicycle.Read More


Lista Office wins Red Dot design Award for new office "pods"

Lista Office has been awarded a prestigious Red Dot design award for its Mindport interior furnishing system. Designed to counteract the tedium and tyranny of the typical open-plan office cubicle system these colorful "pods" come in a range of designs for different office functions - providing an antidote to the massed ranks of identical work-stations. Lista Office also picked up an award for its “LO One” cabinet system.Read More


EDAG's Cinema-on-wheels

November 17, 2005 The EDAG Cinema 7D concept car, the "cinema on wheels" has won the acclaimed red dot award for the mobility category. The concept car from the creative offices of the EDAG design studio beat international competitors from 24 countries to win the category with the award for innovative design be presented to Johannes Barckmann, manager of the EDAG Design Studio during the award ceremony in Singapore today. The “red dot” is awarded by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen, one of the oldest and most acclaimed design institutes in Europe, the award has international importance and is regarded worldwide as a trademark for high design quality. The award was presented from 1955 on as the “Rote Punkt” and since 1992 as “red dot”. With their industrial designs firms from Asia, North and South America and Europe take part in the competition and the winning products are presented in the special exhibition “Design Innovations”. The EDAG Cinema 7D” is the first prize winner of the new category “red dot award: Design Concept” for innovative design concepts.Read More


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