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2013 Game Console Comparison Guide

By - December 3, 2013 22 Pictures
If you're looking to snag a new game console this holiday season – whether for yourself, a child, or a child at heart – you have more choices than ever. How do you decide among some of the biggest and best consoles you can buy today? Join Gizmag, as we break down the features and specs of the flagship gaming consoles of the 2013 shopping season. Read More
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Sony goes retro by reviving PocketStation on PS Vita

By - November 5, 2013 8 Pictures
Sony is doing its best to revitalize its struggling PlayStation Vita portable with two new models, and now it's bringing back its first attempt at a portable gaming console, the PocktStation, in app form. The app, which will be free until December 3rd for Japanese PS Plus subscribers who own a PS Vita, will restore the PocketStation functionality that has been missing in around 70 PlayStation games available on its digital store. Read More
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Revisiting the PS Vita: Classic gaming in the age of the App Store

By - October 17, 2013 25 Pictures
It's hard to believe that it's been been almost two years since the PlayStation Vita launched. When we reviewed Sony's next-gen portable in 2012, we found it to be just about the ideal portable gaming console. But how does it hold up today? Has competition from smartphones and tablets stuck a knife in the Vita, or does its recent price drop warrant a second look? Read on, as Gizmag revisits an old favorite, the PS Vita. Read More
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Sony announces PlayStation Vita TV and new model of PS Vita

By - September 9, 2013 11 Pictures
The PlayStation Vita, Sony's latest portable gaming console, has had a rough start in life. According to VGChartz, it has only sold about 5.7 million units worldwide since launch compared to the 33.5 million units sold by its primary competitor, the Nintendo 3DS. Down but not out, the Vita may soon get a new lease on life thanks to two new models announced by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc (SCEI) in its pre-Tokyo Game Show conference today, one of which abandons portability entirely in favor of an Apple TV-like living room experience. Read More
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Sony reveals PlayStation 4 details

By - February 20, 2013 27 Pictures
After months of rumors and speculation, Sony has finally revealed the PlayStation 4 at a special event in New York City – well, details of the console, but not the console itself. The company revealed a wide range of impressive features for the new system, including a DualShock 4 controller that syncs with a 3D camera, games streamed from a cloud service, and the ability to play PS4 games on the PlayStation Vita. Here's everything you need to know about Sony's next gaming console. Read More
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2012 Game Console Comparison Guide

By - November 8, 2012 15 Pictures
When opening gifts, there's nothing quite like receiving a gaming system. After peeling back the wrapping, visions of epic battles, bouncy plumbers, and buzzer-beating shots dance through your head. If you want to create that exhilaration this year, you have a couple of familiar options, and several new ones. Let's take a look at the top game consoles for the 2012 shopping season. Read More
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iPod touch 5G vs PS Vita

By - October 16, 2012 12 Pictures
During the last few years, portable console makers Sony and Nintendo were blindsided. Accustomed to having a safe market, their world was turned upside down by the arrival of smartphones and tablets. As developers and gamers flock to devices like the iPod touch 5G, Sony needs more than ever to distinguish its Playstation Vita. How does it stack up next to Apple's latest portable media device? Let's take a look ... Read More

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