Riversimple launches Rasa, a hydrogen-powered city car for the masses

A new hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicle prototype has been launched with a claimed fuel economy equivalent to 250 mpg (88.5 km/l). Dubbed "Rasa", the new car has a lightweight carbon-fiber monocoque shell, in-wheel electric motors, a bank of supercapacitors charged by braking-regeneration, and a host of other features that enable it to travel up to a claimed 300 miles (483 km) on just a 3.3 lb (1.5 kg) tank of hydrogen.Read More

3D Printing

Wacky tape gun produces life-size CAD-assisted wireframe models

Using a handheld packing tape dispenser gun that has been modified to fold, extrude, and cut tape into tubes, a team of researchers from the Hasso-Plattner-Insitut (HPI) at the University of Potsdam has created a method of transferring computer-generated wire-frames to the real world. Dubbed the "Protopiper" by its creators, the device is not only capable of producing full-size outline objects, it is also able to produce hinges, bearings, and axles to give them opening doors, drawers, and movement just like the real things.Read More


40-year-old Aston Martin "barn find" special heads to auction

One of only three models ever made, an early 1970s Aston Martin "Sotheby Special" has surfaced after almost 40 years in storage, and is set to be auctioned later this year. With a bespoke fiberglass body mounted on a DBS V8 chassis, the vehicle was a radical departure from Aston Martin styling of the time. Given the dilapidated state of this particular example, however, it looks like it will require a good deal of restoration to bring that style back to life.Read More


Unique Lamborghini Gallardo S concept heads to auction

The original Lamborghini Gallardo is a mesmerizing and eminently collectible piece of automotive art. The work of Luc Donckerwolke, Lamborghini's head of design, its sweeping lines, aggressive stance, and stylish good looks made it instantly recognizable as an Italian luxury supercar. But Donckerwolke, ever the designer, aimed to wring even more outrageous looks from the Gallardo when he tinkered with his original blueprints to produce the Gallardo S concept; a radical, split-cockpit roadster that thrilled at its first showing in Geneva in 2005. Now, after nearly a decade in the hands of one owner, this Italian sportscar icon is going to auction.Read More


Sliden'Joy gives your laptop two additional portable screens

We've seen a number of attempts to give mobile workers extra screen real estate over the years, from laptops with double displays to tablet-like external panels. But such examples can add significant bulk and weight to a laptop bag. A Belgian startup is seeking funding through Kickstarter for Sliden'Joy, a device that can add one or two 13, 15 or 17-in full HD, thin and lightweight screens to your laptop even when you're on the go.Read More

Rain Lamp makes a splash at home

A new light by designer Richard Clarkson puts two elements together that are ordinarily kept well apart. The Rain Lamp combines water and electricity, with light shone through a reservoir in the bottom of a large, clear, acrylic globe. The light creates "mesmerizing ripple patterns" on the floor or surface below.Read More

Switzerland's first business jet makes maiden flight

Switzerland has joined an elite club with its first homegrown business jet taking to the air for the first time. With the call sign of HB-VXA, the twin-engine prototype Pilatus Aircraft PC-24 Super Versatile Jet made its maiden flight last week, traveling from Buochs Airport in a 55-minute journey across central Switzerland to BrĂ¼nig.Read More


Mazzanti shows upgraded Evantra supercar

Since we last looked at the Mazzanti Evantra, the Italian supercar entered limited production. That isn't stopping Mazzanti from revealing newly specced show cars to tantalize the eyes and minds of the rich and famous, however. Last month, the boutique supercar maker once again added some flair to Top Marques Monaco, revealing a marble-white Evantra with an upgraded 751-hp powertrain. Read More


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