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The laptop turns 35

April 3, 1981 marked the introduction of the Osborne 1, the first mainstream portable computer. Three-and-a-half decades later, laptops are now much more portable – but how do they compare to the deeper vision that sparked them, and what lays ahead? Gizmag talks with Dr. Alan Kay, the personal computing visionary who came up with the notion of a notebook computer, and Lee Felsenstein, designer of the first commercially successful forerunner to the laptop, to get their views.Read More


Digital accordion to get a compact cousin

After building a computer/MIDI controller, synthesizer, sequencer and follow-me learning system around a novel musical note arrangement, French startup Dualo started shipping the intriguing du-touch in the latter half of 2014. Next month the company is set to hit crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to bring a smaller version to life – the du-touch S.Read More


SPUD puts a 24-inch display in your back pocket

Sure there are portable monitors you can take along with you to increase the screen real estate of your laptop. You can even use your iPad as a second monitor with an app like Duet. But neither of those options will give you what you're really craving – a take-with-you display that expands to a full-sized monitor so you can get some serious work done when you're on the road. The Spontaneous Pop-Up Display (SPUD) from Arovia, exhibited at this week's South By Southwest Festival (SXSW), will be exactly that.Read More


NZ architects transform retro caravan into a mobile office

New Zealand architectural firm Studio106 has recently reduced its urban 95-m2 (1,022-ft2) office space to a tiny 9 m2 (97 ft2) working mobile unit. With help from local business Retro Events, Studio106's director Dion Gosling and interior designer Kerri Cunliffe converted a retro caravan into a mobile office space, complete with cardboard desks and portable furniture.Read More

Good Thinking

Mojoe puts a battery-powered drip coffeemaker in your travel mug

Is humanity growing tardier and tardier? It sure seems that way when looking at the coffee-on-the-go market. There's an almost endless supply of travel mugs and vacuum bottles out there, and more and more brew-on-the-go solutions having been joining the fray of late. Some such designs require preheated water or an external power supply, but the Mojoe can operate independently, heating and brewing your favorite coffee thanks to a rechargeable battery.
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HeLi-on flexible solar panel rolls up to portable power party

Compact solar panels have been around for some time, but in a trade-off with portability many are too small to generate practical amounts of electricity over short periods. New designs, such as the Yolk Solar Paper, are capable of generating more electricity while maintaining a slim profile, but the HeLi-on further expands on the idea of portable power generation with a flexible solar cell that rolls out from a compact package to soak up more rays.
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Mobile Technology

Roll up, roll up: LG targets mobile accessory market with portable Rolly Keyboard

Touchscreens may be extremely versatile and a good fit for mobile devices, but one thing they don't lend themselves to well is extended typing sessions. As a result, we've seen numerous portable keyboards designed to easily fit in a pocket alongside your smartphone. Now LG is getting in on the act with its Rolly Keyboard, which it calls the industry's first solid rollable wireless portable keyboard.Read More


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