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Ricoh GR II adds Wi-Fi to the cult street shooter

By - June 18, 2015 7 Pictures

The last time Ricoh updated its GR-series of fixed focal length compact cameras, it made big improvements to the cult street shooter including the use of a large DSLR-like APS-C sensor and a slightly bigger body. The firm obviously thinks it got something right back then, because it's just announced its successor, the GR II, and other than the addition of built-in Wi-Fi and a bigger buffer, not a lot seems to have changed.

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Pentax launches MX-1 enthusiast-level compact

By - January 14, 2013 8 Pictures
The days when the handy pocket snapper was the weapon of choice for grabbing a quick photo or two have all-but gone, thanks largely to the increasingly capable cameras on the ubiquitous smartphone. Manufacturers looking to tempt folks into buying a dedicated compact camera are having to up their game a notch or two and offer consumers top quality sensors and powerful image processors, more manual control over the end result, and a little more style and finesse. Such is the case with the new vintage-styled MX-1 from Pentax Ricoh Imaging, featuring brass top and bottom plates, a dedicated exposure compensation dial in addition to the mode selection dial, and supporting both RAW and JPEG image formats. Read More
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Pentax Ricoh and Marc Newson create new K-01 camera with world's thinnest interchangeable lens

By - February 6, 2012 9 Pictures
Pentax Ricoh and acclaimed designer Marc Newson have joined forces to create a new 16 megapixel mirrorless camera and a new pancake lens that's claimed to be the world's thinnest interchangeable lens. The Pentax K-01 interchangeable lens camera (pronounced "kay zero one") is also said to be compatible with over 25 million previously-produced Pentax K-mount lenses. Read More

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