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Review: 2016 Ford Explorer Platinum parks itself in the luxury SUV segment

For the 2016 model year, Ford has given the Explorer a few updates in a mid-cycle refresh, including some changes to the exterior, some interior upgrades, added safety features, and the dropping of the 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine in favor of a new 2.3-liter EcoBoost option. The refresh also sees the addition of a Platinum trim level at the top of the lineup, which spent a week behind the wheel of.
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FenSens smart number plate frame helps avoid parking scrapes

Parking sensors and reversing cameras have done a lot to prevent parking scrapes and reversing accidents in recent years, but they're generally the preserve of new cars. FenSens is aiming to change that with its new license plate frame, which wirelessly connects to your smartphone and gives you parking sensors regardless of how old your ride is.Read More

Vallie parks Londoners' cars for them

Searching for somewhere to park in a busy city can be a long-winded and frustrating experience. Drivers in central London, however, no longer need to do so. A new service called Vallie allows them to hand their car over to be parked for them, and to be returned when requested.Read More

Tesla owners can now Summon their Model S

With its over the air updates, Tesla has created the potential to use its cars as a test bed for exciting and innovative technology. Tesla's latest over-the-air update has given owners the ability to "summon" their cars from the garage, as well as giving cars the ability to park themselves in the garage.

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Bosch sensor connects parking spaces to the Web

Trying to find a parking space in a city center isn't just frustrating at times, but can also waste time, cost money and result in needless tailpipe emissions. We've already seen a prototype from BMW that uses data from cars to predict where free spaces can be found, and now Bosch has revealed a system where the parking spaces themselves are used to inform drivers where they can park.Read More

i-protect system aims to prevent door-dings

Car doors can be ungainly when they're being opened, smacking into things like garage walls, light posts, or the body panels of other cars. While some groups have developed side bumpers to minimize the damage, a group of German high school students has come up with an alternative – a system that stops the door from opening before it can hit anything.Read More

Fiat's video billboard guides drivers into a parking space

If a parking space is tight, it's helpful to have a friend guide you in from the sidewalk. To demonstrate the parking sensor technology of the Fiat 500, marketing agency Leo Burnett designed a video billboard that acts as that helpful friend. Sensors are used to gauge a car's location in relation to parked vehicles and Human Parking Aid onscreen helpers show how much room for maneuver the driver has.Read More


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