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Oshkosh Corporation

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Oshkosh L-ATV put forward as Humvee replacement

By - September 15, 2011 6 Pictures
Much as Hummer-owners may like to speak of their vehicles' military pedigree, the fact is that the U.S. Army now wants to replace its Humvees with vehicles that are better suited for use in war zones, particularly when it comes to protecting occupants. One potential Humvee-replacement has just been announced by Wisconsin-based Oshkosh Defense - the Light Combat Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle or L-ATV. Read More
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Oshkosh diesel-electric hybrid concept for Baja 1000 desert race

By - November 17, 2010 6 Pictures
It has been an exciting year for hybrid power train development in major racing series, with the teams deciding that KERS will return to Formula One in 2011, the growing success of the Porsche 911 GT3 R Hybrid in the Intercontinental Le Mans Cup and now the news that Oshkosh Corporation will be fielding a 400 bhp hybrid diesel-electric Light Concept Vehicle in the Baja 1000 desert race which begins later this week in Mexico. Perhaps even more interesting than the hybrid powertrain is its TAK-4 suspension which offers 20 inches of independent wheel travel. Read More
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Oshkosh: images of EAA AirVenture 2010

By - August 1, 2010 43 Pictures
What began in Milwaukee in 1953 as a get-together for aircraft enthusiasts has grown into the most well known event on the aviation calendar. EAA AirVenture – also known as Oshkosh after the town where it now takes place – rightly deserves the title of the world's greatest aviation celebration. Everyone around the globe with an interest in flying wants to be here and each year around 10,000 aircraft and half a million visitors make the pilgrimage. The 2010 event wrapped up today, so after a week of enjoying all the neck-straining action and cutting edge aviation technology on show, it's time to take a look back at EAA AirVenture 2010 in pictures. Read More
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Oshkosh demonstrates TerraMax autonomous vehicle system

By - September 3, 2009 1 Picture
The ability of military vehicles to better protect occupants with modern designs and high-tech materials has become an increasing priority and UK firm Amsafe has already seen success with its Tarian armor plating in the U.S. Oshkosh Defense, part of the U.S. Marine Corp’s MRAP (Mine-Resistant, Ambush Protected) program, is also heavily involved and a recently-announced armor system took an alternative approach with an emphasis on mobility. Development of its new TerraMax vehicles seems almost flawless in its potential, however, at least in protecting the lives of the soldiers on board because, put simply, there aren’t any. Read More
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Oshkosh delivers MRAP vehicles for testing

By - May 4, 2009 1 Picture
The success of MRAP (Mine-Resistant, Ambush-Protected) vehicles in saving lives from IED (Improvised Explosive Device) and ambush attacks has seen the US Marine Corp scrambling to accelerate the rate of production by awarding contracts to multiple companies. Oshkosh Defense has now delivered three production-representative MRAP All Terrain Vehicles (M-ATVs) to the U.S. Army’s Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland for military evaluation. Read More
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eFlyBook Aviation eDoc Viewer to be introduced at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2006

By - July 22, 2006 8 Pictures
July 23, 2006 The general aviation marketplace is to get its own version of iRex Technologies first generation electronic reader, the iLiad. In an innovative three-way partnership, ARINC has teamed with and Netherlands based iRex Technologies (a spin-off of Royal Phillips Electronics) to bring the eFlyBook aviation solution to market. ARINC and executives will announce the eFlyBook at a press conference at the upcoming EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2006 on July 27. The ARINC eFlyBook electronic document (eDoc) viewer is a major breakthrough in display and document viewing technology. The eFlyBook is a portable electronic device that contains all of the U.S. digitized terminal procedures, IFR high and low altitude enroute charts, U.S. airport facility directory, the FAR/AIM, and can accommodate other user installed eDocs such as books, newspapers, magazines, pictures, and many others. Read More
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OSHKOSH Expedition Class AWD Motorhome

By - February 15, 2005 16 Pictures
It's an expedition-class AWD motorhome. Shahn Torontow built the vehicle so his wife V.Ross Johnson could still travel the wilderness after the former wildlife photographer became wheelchair dependent. A gift of love for his wife, he began with an OSHKOSH M1000 ARFF (AIRPORT FIRE RESCUE) and then spent thousands of hours crafting an extraordinary vehicle that offers complete luxury almost anywhere - the body is constructed mainly of stainless steel and is a one-off with no expense, effort or love spared. The military-grade vehicle has been lavished with the finest so Torontow could withstand deserts, mountains, mud, hurricanes and blizzards while caring for his wife. It contains a shower, sauna, auxiliary heat systems and heat gain/loss protective window shutters, CCD surveillance system, GPS, broad band satellite links for computer communications and an elevator ... and it's for sale. Read More

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