Flexible e-skin display is thinner than Saran wrap and tracks blood oxygen levels

From displays that curve to screens that swerve, flexible electronics is fast developing area of technology that promises to put a new twist on the way we absorb information. Bending televisions are an early example of this being adapted to the consumer world, and if a team of Japanese researchers has its way electronic skin (e-skin) won't be all that far behind. The team's new durable, flexing OLED display prototype is less than one quarter the thickness of Saran wrap and can be worn on the skin to display blood-oxygen levels, with the developers working to afford it other health-monitoring abilities, too.Read More


Audi to turn on OLED taillights at the Frankfurt Motor Show

German luxury auto marques have been waging an all-out technology war, working overtime to beat each other to the punch in areas like autonomous driving and infotainment. A smaller but still notable theater of the war pits the brands against each other in developing high-tech lighting solutions. After mastering LED technology, BMW and Audi raced last year to release the world's first production car with laser lighting, and now they're set to battle it out in OLEDs. Audi will launch the latest offensive in September, when it reveals its first OLED Matrix-equipped concept car.Read More


Samsung targets retailers with Mirror and Transparent OLED panels

Transparent and reflective displays might look cool, but in terms of the home, their applications are limited. However, bricks and mortar shops looking for some technological wizardry to get shoppers through the door are a different proposition. So it should come as no surprise that Samsung chose this week's Retail Asia Expo 2015 in Hong Kong to unveil the first commercial use of its Mirror and Transparent OLEDs.Read More

Around The Home Review

Review: aerelight OLED lamp

While OLED technology is increasingly being applied to things like electronic gadget displays and TVs, it can also serve as an efficient and aesthetically-pleasing form of lighting. A number of companies have capitalized on this fact by marketing OLED lamps, although most of them are quite expensive – prices can range from around US$500 up into the thousands. Canada's OTI Lumionics, however, has developed its own cost-effective OLED lighting system, and incorporated it into the $239 aerelight. I recently got to try one out for myself. Read More


Kairos TBand turns almost any watch into a smartwatch

Smartwatches may be to the time-and-date mechanical timepiece what the smartphone is to the landline candlestick job, but not everyone likes digital watches, much less smart ones. In June, Kairos rolled out its smart/mechanical hybrid, which is one option, but what if you like the watch you already have? The Kairos Tband is trying to square that circle by moving the "smart" from the watch to the band.Read More


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