Nvidia goes deep with new DGX-1 supercomputer

Computing giant Nvidia has announced the world's first "supercomputer in a box" – the DGX-1. With a cool 170 teraflops of performance, the machine is designed to tackle the complex worlds of deep learning and artificial intelligence, areas of research requiring massive amounts of computing power.Read More


NVIDIA's credit card-sized machine learning module ups to IQ of prototype drone

Silicon Valley-based commercial drone company Kespry has demonstrated a prototype drone that utilizes an NVIDIA artificial intelligence technology to recognize objects and learn about its environment. The prototype, which is based on the Kesprey Drone System already being sold to the materials, mining, and construction industries, uses the NVIDIA Jetson TX1 module, which ups the device's intelligence by giving it the ability to run complex algorithms.Read More


Nvidia brings G-Sync to notebooks

Nvidia has announced that a range of laptops will launch this month that take advantage of its G-Sync technology. Previously only available through a limited number of supported displays, the tech works to eliminate stutter and screen tearing when playing games.Read More


Percepto adds an open-source app-controlled camera to existing drones

Though drones are capable of some pretty incredible things, different models tends to specialize at one incredible thing in particular, be it shooting 4K video or avoiding crashing into obstacles. An Israeli company called Percepto hopes to allow drone owners to bring new functionality to their existing vehicles by way of an open-source attachable camera, controlled by an ever-growing suite of drone apps.Read More

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Nvidia Shield console offers 4K streaming and on-demand games

Nvidia’s latest addition to the Shield range is an Android TV-based console that lets you play games locally by taking advantage of the system’s Tegra X1 SoC, or access on-demand titles through the company’s GRID streaming service. As it’s based on Android, it’ll also provide access services such as Google Play, YouTube and Netflix, streaming media at up to 4K resolutions. Read More


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