Mini Bar/Barstow system shoves a chain tool up your handlebar

In order to remain sleek and compact, most of today's cycling multitools lack a chain-repair tool. Well, the guys at Philadelphia-based Mineral Design have addressed that limitation, with their two-part Mini Bar and Barstow system. It consists of a pocketable magnetic multi-bit wrench, paired up with a separate chain tool that sits inside the handlebar.Read More


Last minute stocking stuffers for the musician in your life

String-pickers, digital tunesmiths and bin bashers are not the easiest of folks to buy gifts for. Some are quite conservative and prefer tried and tested old tech while others are gearheads who like to gather in the latest, the novel and the bizarre just in case the need arises. And then there's the (often) eye-watering cost of instruments and accessories to consider. The holidays are almost upon us and a state of muso-related panic may now be setting in. Here are a few ideas that should hit the right note.Read More


Zeus Handy Tool shrinks down the toolbox

When most people think of a multitool, chances are that they'll picture something like a Leatherman or a Swiss Army knife. That said, lately we've been seeing some interesting departures from those designs. One of the latest is the Australian-designed Zeus Handy Tool, which packs a whopping 23 odds and ends.Read More


Life+Gear Survival Utility Flashlight packs its own multitool

Flashlight multi-tools tend to be highly unintuitive designs with flip-out implements integrated awkwardly into the flashlight body or tiny flashlights bolted into multi-tool casings. The Life+Gear Survival Utility Flashlight (an SUF to store in your SUV?) docks a standalone multi-tool in its handle, so you get a full-sized flashlight and six-in-one folding tool to keep you prepared for all types of situations.
Read More


Kickstand Pump does quadruple duty

When most of us think of a cycling multi-tool, we picture something that goes in a jersey pocket or saddle pack. Seoul-based company Leeman, however, is looking at things a little differently. Its Kickstand Pump mounts on the bike, and serves not only as a kickstand and pump, but also a tire lever and tail light.Read More


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