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Eclipse Touch Mouse

By - February 19, 2010 4 Pictures
Like the Apple Magic Mouse that came before it, the Eclipse touchmouse drops the scroll wheel in favor of an integrated track pad. While the default for the touchscroll offers four-way screen scrolling by a user moving their index finger, a host of instantly accessible commands like flicking backward and forwards through webpages can be accessed through the mouse button and finger gesture combination. Read More
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Video: SmartFish Technologies' ErgoMotion mouse and keyboard

By - February 10, 2010 1 Picture
The ErgoMotion keyboard doesn't look that different to a few other ergonomically designed models out there, but it is. The keyboard is powered to change the angle, up and down, which prevents the user from typing at the one angle for hours on end and is designed to reduce repetition injuries to the arm, shoulder, wrist and hands. If you're one of those people who never remembers to alter their typing position, the keyboard is pre-programmed to alter its angle so you don't have to. SmartFish recently spoke to Gizmag about the powered keyboard and its other ergonomic offering - the tilting mouse. Read More
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AirMouse - the mouse that fits you like a glove

By - January 27, 2010 2 Pictures
It’s no secret... Studies have shown that excessive mouse usage can cause repetitive stress injuries. Unfortunately for most of us, “excessive” can mean anything more than a few hours a day. Fortunately, however, there are alternative styles of mice out there designed to be easier on the hands and arms. One of the more interesting ones to come along in a while is the AirMouse, made by Canadian firm Deanmark Ltd. What makes it unique is the fact that you wear it like a glove. Read More
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Aigo Glide mouse - effortless control at your fingertips

By - January 12, 2010 9 Pictures
Recent developments in the war on repetitive strain injury have seen swiveling mice and applicable gel pads in an effort to make the everyday user experience a more comfortable one. Appearing at CES this year was another take on the ubiquitous peripheral, the Aigo Glide mouse. Designed to offer ease of use and minimal strain, the lightweight mouse features indentation for fingertips and side scrolling wheels, while the USB cord and connection even tuck away around and under the mouse for easy storage. Read More
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The Cyborg R.A.T. Gaming Mouse – the coolest mouse on the block

By - January 7, 2010 2 Pictures
Mad Catz Interactive has unveiled a new range of premium Cyborg gaming mice which will begin shipping in Q2 this year. The new range takes all the same principles normally applied to ergonomic fully adjustable flight sticks, and incorporates them in gaming mice. For the first time ever on a mouse, the key points of contact between the gamer’s hand and the mouse are fully adjustable allowing it to be customized for any grip preference. Cyborg claims they are the most comfortable gaming mice in existence, but who cares, cos they are the coolest you’ll ever see. Read More
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Sustail clockwork mouse concept

By - January 5, 2010 3 Pictures
Designer Ahmet Bektes is proposing using centuries-old technology to provide the power for a familiar modern device. Rather than drawing energy from a computer or batteries, a user will need to remove a key from below the Sustail mouse and wind it up before being able to use it. It is hoped that the Bluetooth-connected input device would also encourage users to take regular breaks and have a more responsible attitude towards power consumption. Read More
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Trackball Mouse Numeric Keypad Hub makes accountancy more fun

By - December 15, 2009 1 Picture
This USB-powered trackball mouse, numeric keypad USB hub will suit the professional accountant or the part-time number-cruncher, no matter how many hours they sit at a laptop or netbook computer sweating over their spreadsheets. Combining a trackball mouse, numeric keypad and twin USB port hub, this accessory consolidates three peripherals into one convenient device, freeing up more space in your bag for accountancy books and other top reads. Read More
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A simple solution that sticks - Pad N'Click mouse gel pads

By - November 30, 2009 7 Pictures
Repetitive strain injury caused by prolonged use of a computer is an ongoing problem, however we are continuing to see innovative ideas designed to alleviate the issue. Among these is the simple yet sensible Pad N’Click. A trio of adhesive gel pads stick to a user’s mouse, promoting more natural hand and finger positioning, in turn increasing comfort and reducing stress on joints. Read More
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No pain, no strain - the SmartFish ErgoMotion Mouse

By - November 24, 2009 5 Pictures
Ah, the humble mouse. Enabler of functions, the bridge between human and machine, and, evidently, the cause of much discomfort for millions of users the world over. With repetitive strain injury a major health problem linked to PC use, the long awaited Smartfish ErgoMotion Mouse is hoping to alleviate the pain. It features a tilting base that swivels in unison with a user’s natural hand and wrist movements, promoting circulation and comfort with the aim of reducing injury. Read More

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