The century-old Edison-Puton Monowheel

The annual Cholmondeley Pageant of Power in the U.K. never fails to deliver something special and this year that exotic ingredient is a 1910 Edison-Puton Monowheel. Capable of being ogled by engineers for hundreds of hours at a time, the Monowheel was built in Paris in 1910, and bears testimony to human folly at its most ingenious. Read More

Automotive Feature

Dual-mode transport - the trend accelerates

Auto China is probably the most influential automobile show in the world at present. China now produces and consumes more cars than any other nation, so its needs will heavily influence personal transport globally in coming decades. Some early trends are emerging as to what we'll see, and as congestion in China increases and parking centrally becomes prohibitively expensive, a car will increasingly only get you part of the way to your destination. Geely and BMW both showed cars with inclusive last-mile transport at Auto China, but the number of last mile Transportation Appliance options under development by auto manufacturers is growing rapidly.Read More
Health & Wellbeing

Ciclotte exercise bike helps you lose a few pounds – and quite a few dollars

Exercise equipment generally favors function over form, which is why it is often found gathering dust in the basement or under the bed. The Ciclotte stationary bicycle bucks that trend with an elegant design that anyone would be proud to put on display, which should hopefully increase the chances of using it. It's sexy curves aren't surprising as it derives its distinctive look from the Ciclò – a monowheel prototype bike also designed by Luca Schieppati that is now part of Milan’s Triennale Design Museum permanent collection.Read More

Urban Transport

monovelo human-powered Monowheel

If you happened to catch the spectacular closing ceremony at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, this image may look familiar. The gents in Country and Western inspired jump-suits are riding the monovelo, a human powered monowheel that is now being marketed outside China and is billed as the only vehicle of its kind available in the world. Those wishing to climb aboard will need USD$1690 and presumably, some very good balance.Read More

Marine Feature

Project Green Jet - a vision of the future of sailing

We cover many wondrous things on Gizmag but few fall into this category for elegance and technological excellence and sheer beauty. Project GreenJet is the modern day equivalent of the jet aircraft on the water and builds on the automated functionality of Erik Sifrer’s highly-acclaimed 36 metre SY120 concept only on a grander 57 metre scale. Going several steps further than the breathtaking, already-in-the-water 88 m Maltese Falcon, Green Jet uses automated systems controlling non-conventional sails to offer a glimpse of the future of sail – faster, more efficient, less labour intensive with minimal environmental impact. The vision is a superyacht sailed by one man with a touchscreen. Gizmag investigates the potential for automated sailing in this feature article.Read More

Urban Transport

The Wheelsurf - calling all thrillseekers

February 6, 2005 The Brazilian-made Wheelsurf is one of the most distinctive vehicles on the planet -- a US$2500 single-wheeled , ride-inside conveyance that's sure to get you noticed. Riding the Wheelsurf is not for those seeking transport alone as it has no conventional steering mechanism and requires adept throttle control. The throttle and the brake are located on the rigid handlebars and steering is done by moving your centre of gravity (i.e. YOU) to the inside of the corner. Too much throttle and the inner body, with you on it, starts to rotate backwards. Back off the throttle to slow down and you need to lean backwards so you don't rotate forwards within the wheel. Grab a handful of brake and ... errrRead More


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