Infinity modular laptop inches closer to classroom reality

Back in February, Sydney, Australia-based One Laptop Per Child spin-off, One Education, officially unveiled its concept for a modular laptop called the XO-Infinity. Aimed at being so simple to put together that a 4-year-old could do it, the (slightly renamed) Infinity project has now blossomed into a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to get the colorful portable computer into the hands of school kids around the globe.Read More


Qubiq modules turn your car into a versatile camper

We've seen a number of European camper-in-a-box solutions over the years, including the Swiss Roombox, German Ququq and French Yatoo systems. The Austrian Qubiq system may be the most versatile of them all, finding a middle ground between those all-in-one integrated systems and smaller, single-purpose modules like Buddy Boxes. With Qubiq, campers can mix and match units that cook, wash, refresh and sleep.
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PlayWood puts the play in furniture design

If you've ever fancied making your own furniture, now's your chance. PlayWood allows users to design and build pieces of furniture using special connectors and other materials of their choice. It's possible to make everything from chairs to tables to storage solutions.Read More


Robo Wunderkind is a modular robot even a five-year-old can program

Minecraft has partly replaced Lego bricks as a creative platform for young tinkerers, but while it is a fantastic avenue for training computer and block-building skills, Mojang's hit videogame also does little to improve handcrafting. Robo Wunderkind, from the German "wonder child," is a modular toy that promises to marry the old with the new by letting even the youngest hands and minds (aged five and up) build and program their own robot creations.Read More

Tiny Houses

Skilpod prefabs are modular and mini

Today's proliferation of niche housing types includes dwellings that are tiny, modular, prefabricated and inexpensive. Belgian firm Skilpod is producing homes that are all of these things. With the right equipment, they can even be zero energy or energy positive.Read More


Modular Boner Kayak breaks down for easy transport

The Swiss-designed Boner Kayak's name doesn't translate over so well to English, but that's okay because slick design is a universal language. The kayak breaks down into three pieces that nest together and fit easily into the trunk – or even backseat – of a car. It's not the first kayak we've seen with such a modular design, but its birchwood-and-fiberglass construction makes it the most appealing. Read More


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