Urban Transport

Segway's mini transporter rolls for 14 miles on a single charge

When Inventist revealed the Hovertrax a few years back, we noted that it was more Segway-like than anything Marty McFly would be seen zooming around future Hill Valley on. These so-called hoverboards have since taken off (though not literally), and Segway is throwing its hat in the ring with the Ninebot by Segway miniPRO. Knee control bar aside, it's a hands-free, two-wheeler with lean-to-go and -steer functionality.Read More


Hyundai beefs up robotic exoskeleton

Following on from a small, discreet mobility exoskeleton it unveiled last year, Korean auto giant Hyundai has revealed images of a much beefier, tougher looking robotic exoskeleton aimed at the transportation, industrial and military markets. The suit, which is still in its pre-production form, would let you lift and manipulate objects weighing over 60 kg (132 lb) with no stress to your legs, arms or back.Read More

UK phone boxes to become mini work pods

Mobile phones have rendered the UK's iconic red phone boxes largely redundant, but the mobile lifestyle that they have helped usher in is now seeing them repurposed. New York-based co-working outfit Bar Works is fitting out the phone boxes as mini work pods for people on the go.Read More

Health & Wellbeing

A-Gear exoskeletons keep users' arms useful

Affecting approximately 1 in 5,000 boys, Duchenne muscular dystrophy causes the victim's muscles to shrink throughout their lifetime, often to the point that the arms and legs can't be used at all. That's why the european Stichting Flextension (Flextension Foundation) started up the A-Gear project four years ago. The multi-partner effort is designing two arm-worn exoskeletons, intended to help Duchenne patients retain the use of their arms.Read More

Good Thinking

Topchair-S wheelchair has no problem with stairs

Wheelchair users have had to live with the fact that stairs, sharp curbs and doorsteps either required assistance to maneuver, or made access to some locations impossible. The TopChair-S, however, is designed to change that. It's an electric wheelchair designed to safely maneuver over such obstacles, utilizing caterpillar-like tracks in addition to wheels for greater maneuverability and independence.Read More

Urban Transport

8 forward-thinking vehicles to propel us into 2016

The continued minituarization of electronics, advances in materials technology, a growing emphasis on clean, sustainable modes of transport and imaginative thinkers with out-of-the-box ideas have converged to give us some truly audacious vehicle designs over the past 12 months. Some are certainly more practical than others, but from personal tricopters to amphibious motorcycles this new breed of personal mobility solutions offers a tantalizing glimpse into how we might be getting from A to B in the future. As we head into a new year with new possibilities, let's take a look at some that could have a role to play in shaping the future of transport.Read More


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